With Payton Manning Available, the 49ers Stand by Their Man

​Hall of Famer quarterback Peyton Manning was kicked to the curb by the Colts Wednesday after undergoing multiple neck surgeries and snuggling up on the bench for the 2011 season. Now, the question on everyone's mind: Is Manning is a top choice to replace current Niners quarterback Alex Smith?

The idea of a healthy Manning in the Niners offensive pocket is reassuring, as he can tolerate defensive pressure a little longer than the current Niners QB can. Smith's painful incompletions in the playoffs still hurt.

Although Manning is claimed to be one of the best quarterbacks in football, getting canned by the Colts was no surprise after his injuries proved him useless last season. Still, despite Manning's season on the bench, former Niners wide receiver Jerry Rice declared the ex-Colts QB a sure bet for the Niners, and suggested San Francisco snatch him up quick.

Signing him would likely be hit or miss. After three neck surgeries, no one is sure that Manning will even play next season. If he can, it would be a jackpot for the Niners. But that's a hefty penny on an unsure bet, especially as Smith is in top physical condition– yet he's still not delivering after being coached by the Niners for six years. 

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