Woman Breaks Ankle While Fleeing Creepy Ride-Share Driver (Updated)

A couple of weeks ago, SFist editor Eve Batey blogged about her harrowing encounter with an apparently unhinged Uber driver who threatened to rape and kill her. Today, the Chronicle reports that another woman had her own terrifying run-in with a ride-share driver.

[jump] Per the Chronicle, the 28-year-old woman was picked up in Diamond Heights last night by a driver in his 40s. As soon as the silver Nissan Quest began heading the wrong way, the woman jumped out of the car and broke her ankle while running away.

No arrests have been made yet, but police are investigating the incident as a kidnapping.

Update: Turns out that this incident was a misunderstanding. According to SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza, the Lyft driver in this case was hearing-impaired and didn't know the passenger was speaking to him. When the driver didn't respond, the passenger panicked and jumped out of the vehicle.   

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