Wonder of Wonders: *Everybody* Seems Happy With Relocation of 'Extinct' Presidio Plant

Back in November, we wrote about the discovery of a plant no one had seen in the wild since 1947 and considered “extinct in the wild” being uncovered in the Presidio. And yet, in a legitimate candidate for non-insulin truck running over the diabetic irony, the “last” Franciscan Manzanita was discovered smack in the middle of the planned route for the $1 billion highway Doyle Drive highway project.

Well, the possibility for San Francisco-style vitriol seemed ready to drop. Would litigious environmentalists derail a federally funded rebuild of one of the state's most dangerous highways? Would bottom-line driven state agencies botch the job and kill the resurrected plant? Would five kids from the East Bay BART over and shout into a bullhorn while 15 news photographers snapped away?

That's how it's supposed to work. But this process did something different. It just worked. The weeklong process of uprooting and moving the Franciscan Manzanita was completed over the weekend and everyone we've spoken to is borderline ecstatic about just how damn well it's all worked out.  

“Everybody's been very cooperative — it's incredible,” says professor Tom Parker, one of the state's foremost experts on manzanitas and a consultant on the project.

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