Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Koi Fish?

Animal service groups partnered to save more than 130 koi fish threatened by the North Bay fires.

In animal rescue news that few saw coming out of the North Bay fires, animal groups also took koi fish under their fins, they announced Wednesday.

Sonoma County Animal Services now holds more than 130 koi fish that were called in from eight homes until they can be reunited with their owners. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals partnered to with the county to remove the bulk of those fish on Tuesday.

In the push to offer resources to displaced owners unable to care for their animals, families contacted the groups to help care for their fish, ASPCA says. Without the removal effort, the koi fish would have been left without food and functioning aeration systems to keep them alive.

“The catastrophic wildfires that devastated Northern California impacted the lives of animals big and small,” says Dick Green, senior director of ASPCA Disaster Response.

This mission also took the help of UC Davis, International Bird Rescue and Research Center, Rojas Fisheries, and the Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Club.

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