World Series: After Too Damn Much Ado, Giants Crowned Kings

Today it took the San Francisco Giants two and a half hours to roll from the Embarcadero to City Hall. And you can't blame Muni.

The orange-clad fanatics began filing into Civic Center Plaza as early as 5 p.m. yesterday. They were rained on. They subsisted on snack crackers and Slim Jims. These are patient people. And yet, with the victory festivities lagging far behind schedule, the bleary-eyed masses let it be known that they wanted to be deliriously happy sooner rather than later. Chants of “hurry up,” “play ball,” and “let's get started” broke out, the latter to the tune of “let's go Giants.”

The team made short work of Detroit in the World Series. But receiving its deserved bit of public adulation in the heart of the city was going to take a bit longer. More than an hour after the scheduled starting time, the crowd was cued in that something was about to happen by the full version of PSY's ubiquitous “Gangnam Style” video playing on the big screens. Not that long ago, it would have seemed crazy to imagine a pudgy South Korean rapper performing a goofy pony dance would be the world's hottest musician. Not that long ago, it would have seemed crazy to imagine watching his video during the Giants' second World Series parade in three years.

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