Worst Monday Morning Yet: In Line to Shell Out for Parking Tickets

If you're reading this, it indicates that you have made it through Monday morning and are now enjoying a majestic Monday afternoon. You are to be congratulated.

And however unpleasant your Monday morning was, odds are it paled in comparison to that experienced by the unfortunate souls above.

These brave individuals were queued up outside Municipal Transportation Authority headquarters, awaiting any number of unpleasant endeavors that involved handing over varying sums of money that now can no longer be applied toward clothing, food, heat, beer, stereo systems, or other life-enriching endeavors.

If you found your car booted over the weekend and needed to have it removed, this was your Monday morning. If you wanted to contest a citation and were preparing to do battle with a city so broke it will all but accept gold teeth, deposit bottles, and your first-born, this was your Monday morning. If you wanted to straighten out nettlesome permit issues — yes, this was the place.

The line forlornly shuffled into One South Van Ness, with stragglers joining onto the back at roughly the same rate as the vanguard gained entry to the structure — thus keeping the line at a constant length.

The faces change, but the system does not, it would seem.

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