Yes on 4 Ad: So I Go Out with Some Teenage Girls…

By Andy Wright

You are about to watch a political ad whose opening line, delivered with wide-eyed sincerity and a cartoonish shrug, is: “Some people thing I’m a child predator. What is up with that?”

The Yes on Prop 4 campaign (which would require parental notification for minors to obtain abortions) sponsored a YouTube contest in which people crafted commercials advancing their cause. This was the best one.

The makers of this ad picked a suitably creepy looking star and then stuffed him into the universal uniform of sketchy dudes everywhere, the track suit, but that’s where the plausibility ends. “Ok, so I get a couple of them pregnant?” He says of the teenage girls he likes to kick it with, then Seinfelds “What is the big deal?” The Prop 4 people’s argument is that child predators routinely impregnate young girls and then take them for abortions.

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