Yet Again, Air Canada Lands Where It Shouldn’t

A flight from Montreal landed despite multiple orders to not do so.

For the second time in three months, the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating why Air Canada ignored orders to delay landing at San Francisco International Airport.

Air Canada Flight AC781 from Montreal is under scrutiny after landing Sunday evening despite being told multiple times to not do so, Bay City News reports. 

Crew acknowledged instructions that the plane was cleared for landing when it was six miles away, but said they had a radio problem after landing against the updated orders, FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor says Tuesday.

Uncertainty over whether the runway would be clear caused an air traffic controller to have the flight “execute a go-around.” The crew also didn’t respond to the flashing of a red light gun, which happens when crews don’t respond to radio cues.

“Upon landing the crew was informed the tower had attempted unsuccessfully to contact the aircraft, however, the message was not received by the crew,” airline spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick says. “Air Canada is investigating the circumstances.”

On July 7, another Air Canada flight from Toronto landed on a different taxi runway with four other planes rather than the runway it was cleared for.

The plane was just 59 feet above one of the other planes before speeding up again to circle around after crew members asked for a confirmation of landing clearance, according to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.




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