Yosemite Buffalo Soldiers' History Should Be Part of School Curriculums, Jackie Speier Says

Too bad Mark Matthews, the last Buffalo Soldier who died six years ago at age 111, isn't around to mark this historic moment.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D- San Mateo) is pushing through a bill that would — for the first time — give the nation's all-black cavalry a prominent place in history. Her bill would allow the Department of The Interior to study the role the African American soldiers played in establishing the parks system, including Yosemite.

She wants the history of our Buffalo Soldiers to be incorporated into classroom curriculum and honored at national parks.

“It's a really important bill for helping to bring into light the role these black troops played in protecting national parks before the parks system existed,” said Alan Spears, legislative analyst for the National Parks Conservation Association.

So what did they do?

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