Your Friday Morning Pre-Party: Boobs, Barry, Busan, and … BoldWarKids

Cheers! To Friday, SF! We made it! Woo-hoo! We need some music! Let's start with Justice's D.A.N.C.E. remix by Spank Rock and Mos Def, plus some background video from ViceTV. Yeah, Spank Rock and Asian tits MODELS always get us in the mood.

There. Yah feel that? Nice, eh? Ok. We start off the Pre-Party not by drinking, but by pouring some out for our man, Barry. Bonds finally got his ass indicted this week, not for steroids, but for lying to a grand jury. Remember kiddies, it's not the crime, it's the cover-up they nail you for. Also, we pour a little out for the birds affected by the Cosco Busan Oil Spill. The disaster investigation gathered momentum this week, and the blood-letting at the Coast Guard has begun. Next, we toast to all the great bands that played here this week. Ben Harper held it down at the 'Mount. Ween rocked the Warfield. And Del and Devin the Dude murdered fools up in Slim's. Peep game. Upcoming, SF Weekly will be attending, Kooza at AT&T park tonight, as well as Madlib at the Independent, and the Hip Hop DanceFest. Saturday, we're at Trannyshack, Anthony Bourdain's talk, ColdWarKids, and a Mythbusters 'blow-shit-up' engagement. Sunday we'll be at Ozzy Osbourne, before we get a little sleep and begin it all again with the Monday Morning Hangover. Oh, yeah, lastly, we also toast to the commenters worldwide that liked our WordPress profile, as well as the ones that promised to launch an advertising boycott against us over our Armenian Genocide coverage. Seventy-three comments, goddamn! Riddle me this, Armenians: If there was a genocide, then why is there so many left of you around to bitch? ZING! (Your Friday morning pre-party kicks off every Friday morning around 8 a.m. Because we are lushes. Send us your pics, videos, mp3s, events, and links if you want to be part of the party. If not, that's your bad.) –David Downs | “Communist Party” Photo Courtesy of Threadless

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