Your Monday Morning Hangover: Kooza and KoldWarKids reviewed, Trannyshack Pics

(boner-killing dude ass courtesy of TrannyShack 2007) We do not recommend drinking several Racer 5s at Toronado and then smoking some indoor — unless you like blackouts and the spins. [Arrg] It's Monday at 8 a.m.(ish) and the ice pick in our temple has a message for you all. “Die, scum.” Welcome to the Hangover, I'm your web editor, David Downs. Let's start with two distractions:

1) The 20 Most Disappointing Simpsons Moments Ever 2) Radiohead's chilled “House of Cards” off of their new album 'In Rainbows'.

[Sigh] Now, … WTF happened this weekend?

Kooza opened in San Francisco and our Audrey Fukuman reviewed. Punch a clown if you see one, eh? –Madlib and Stone's Throw hot boxed [[link]] the Independent. Oscar Pascual endured the haze for these words. —Trannyshack blew up. Photographer Ariel Soto brought back these shots. –And ColdWarKids pulled mad bitches at the Warfield Friday night. “R & B indie.” Who'd a thunk it?

On the schedule this week: Fucking Thanksgiving, dawg! Why are you even reading this? Go eat some turkey. Secretly mock your kin! Seriously, nothing of importance is going down this week on a governmental or business level in SF. The news stories are going to be about travel, and the odd crime and traffic accident. That said: –Today: SF GovernmentInAction briefs you on everything NOT happening this week at city hall. –And RaidersSuckNinersSuck tears local Bay Area NFL a new one. They could use it. –Tuesday, BetterKnowAnSFBlog trolls the blogosphere for local delicacies. –Wednesday we digest our weekly print edition for ya. –Thursday we digest turkey and remember why we moved away from our family. —Friday we Pre-Party hard with the folks back home town. And, of course, we will be at more great shows like Band of Horses at the Fillmore (Friday), MC Frontalot at Slims on Sunday, and Monotonix at the Knockout (Friday). See you after the Indian Genocide feast, you fatties.

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