Your SF Weekly Guide to the Midterm Elections

The past two years have built up to this election of a lifetime but don't forget the little guys down-ballot. Here's a roundup of our coverage.

It’s safe to say that most of San Francisco have eagerly awaited this Tuesday’s election for almost exactly two years and that many still aren’t ready to cast their votes.

San Francisco isn’t going to deliver anything different to Democrats but, as usual, there’s several key races and propositions for voters to weigh. From rent control reform, homelessness funding to and daylight savings time and supervisorial races, SF Weekly has you covered. Here are the highlights:


High Society Money Got Newsom to High Places
The Los Angeles Times has an excellent new exposé on Gavin Newsom’s decades of donations from San Francisco’s wealthiest old-money families.

Three Things to Know About California’s Race for Lieutenant Governor (KCRA)
Eleni Kounalakis is winning the fundraising race with $4 million of her $7 million war chest coming from her own pocket while Ed Hernandez has $2.1 million from organized labor groups.

Statewide measures:

Here’s a look at the 11 propositions California voters will weigh on Nov. 6 (LA Times)
The Los Angeles Times runs down the statewide measures, from a Proposition 13 expansion, the elimination of daylight savings time, and bonds for water projects and children hospitals.

Proposition 6: Supervisors Defend Statewide Gas Tax
The 2017 tax estimated to bring California $52 billion for transportation needs over the next decade may be challenged by voters in November.

Dialysis Analysis: Prop. 8 Has Become the Costliest Item on November’s Ballot
November’s kidney-dialysis measure has become the most expensive ballot proposition in the U.S. — with all the money coming from special interests.

Proposition 10: What Will S.F. Do If Costa-Hawkins Is Overturned?
The rent is too damn high, but the biggest tenants’ rights bill in decades comes before voters this November.

Nothing’s Good Enough for PETA, Including Prop 12
Why does the animal-rights organization oppose a California prop that would create better lives for farm animals?

Local Ballot Measures:

A B C: November Ballot Measure Get Their Letters
There are only five local ballot measures for the Nov. 6 2018 election. Here’s what they are.

Prop A: Seawall Preservation Comes at a Cost
A November ballot measure subtly targets renters as a source of funding to preserve the city’s eastern seawall.

Prop B: A Few Key Words Divide Allies on Data Protection Measure (SF Public Press)
Opponents fear ‘sunshine’ law could be weakened; supporters say text is being misread.

Tech Workers Rally for Prop. C Outside Chamber of Commerce
Big tech businesses will be impacted by the measure, which has counterintuitively garnered support from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and opposition from Mayor London Breed.

Proposition D: Cannabis Tax Opposition Mounts
Why are some local officials and organizations eager to see Prop. D go down?

Proposition E: Local Arts Organizations May Get a Rare Financial Boost
A “people’s choir” advocated for a ballot measure to save projected hotel tax revenues for arts programs.

Statewide Judges:

Who Judges the Judges? We Do.
California voters have a rare say regarding the state’s judiciary — and a chance to apply any lessons learned from the Kavanaugh confirmation.


With 18 School Board Candidates on the Ballot it’s a Battle to Stand Out
A school board race with three open seats, 18 candidates, and no incumbents is rife with opportunity.

Who’s Running for State Schools Chief and What’s with All That Money?  (KQED)
KQED on East Bay’s Tony Thurmond, backed by teachers’ unions, and Los Angeles’ Marshall Tuck, backed by charter schools.

Supervisor Races:

District 2: Supervisor Candidate Spent $400K on Failed Ballot
Nick Josefowitz could still owe another $20,000 for an attempt to prevent another candidate from running.

District 4: The Sunset Supervisor Race Got Wacky, Fast
Eric Mar’s twin brother and the lead singer of beach-pop band Sonny and the Sunsets have both pulled papers for the Sunset supervisor position.

District 6: Tons of Super PAC Cash Enters Supervisor Races
An avalanche of Super PAC donations just disrupted November’s supervisor races, prompting ethics complaints unlikely to be resolved by Election Day.

Formerly Homeless Grassroots Activist Pursues District 10 Supervisor Seat
Uzuri Pease-Greene, a formerly homeless Bayview native who’s been sober for a decade, is running to represent the community that lifted her up.

For the complete voter guide by the San Francisco Department of Elections, visit its website.

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