Daughters, HEALTH, and Show Me the Body at The Fillmore, December 4, 2019

Possibly the most perfect lineup of bands I’ve seen on a single bill, this past Wednesday, December 4th’s show at The Fillmore in San Francisco featured Daughters, HEALTH, and Show Me the Body. Kicking off the trio’s tour, the show was constant energy, cohesive in style, yet varied enough to keep the night interesting and unpredictable.  Individually, each of the bands brought a rawness, with a foundation mixing conventional rock instrumentation, and punk rock attitude with harsh electronic production and effects.
 Show Me the Body added a dash of hip hop and industrial flair to their aggressive sound, HEALTH featured darkwave synths and more melodic vocals compared to the others, and Daughters boosted the noise and percussion to insane levels, with front-man Alexis spending almost as much of his time screaming at and interacting with the crowd as he did on the stage.

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