Help Us Celebrate 50 Years Since the Summer of Love

SF Weekly is asking readers to send us photos from the Bay Area in 1967 — the year that brought us Hair, the Human Be-In, and great music in Golden Gate Park and beyond.

Tie dye, LSD, free love, peace protests, music and meditation. Five decades ago, San Francisco became the center of counterculture, and we need your help to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love (which, in proper S.F.-style, began in January 1967 with a gathering in Golden Gate Park, and lasted until October).

SF Weekly is asking readers to send us copies of photos taken in the Bay Area any time during that year (1967) — which brought us Hair, the Human Be-In, Digger Bread, and the Invisible Circus.

Share your nostalgia by sending your old photos ASAP to We hope to publish the best ones in the coming year! (The higher the resolution of the images, the better, so feel free to send Dropbox links if your images are too large. Just be sure to tell us where the photo was taken and by whom— as well as who is featured in the photo.)

Any questions? Send us an email at

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