Mike Patton & John Zorn with NT Fan (Trey Spruance) at The Chapel, March 25th, 2018


Mike Patton and John Zorn joined forces for a collaborative, experimental performance at The Chapel this past Sunday, March 25th. Mike Patton produced a myriad of sounds using his voice and effects pedals, throwing in dashes of instrumentation with a theremin and hand cymbals. Vocal noises varied from screeching and yelling to Tuvan throat-singing and scatting.

Experimental musician and saxophonist John Zorn provided a backdrop of different sounds courtesy of his sax, in addition to a duck call stuck in a teacup of water, and just the mouthpiece of his sax, producing some strange effects.

Trey Spruance opened the night with his experimental guitar and laptop project NT Fan, then later joined Patton and Zorn for several pieces. Midway through Patton and Zorn’s performance, a random audience member snuck onstage and began yelling into an unattended microphone before being escorted out by security. John Zorn gave the then annoyed Mike Patton a peck on the cheek to help calm him down.

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