Pinegrove at Fillmore, February 9, 2020

Fans pour into The Fillmore on Sunday night to see Pinegrove’s sold out performance with opener, Lake. Following their musical break, the band has come a long way since I saw them in 2016, playing a small 400 capacity venue, Rickshaw-Stop, to a venue triple its size this weekend. The indie-rock band debates their new album ‘Marigold with “Neighbor”, “Phases”, and many others sprinkled throughout the set. The album displaying a pure development of imperfect humanism.

Opening with “Old Friends”, fans are immediately reminded of their love of Evan Stephens Hall’s song writing. Some fans even prepare themselves for possible tears during the set. During the bands performance Hall spends time expressing his gratitude. His humble and wholesome attitude towards his fans as well as his staff alongside the performance becomes a much needed breath of fresh air.

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