Raye Zaragoza and Rising Appalachia at the Mystic Theater on October 10, 2019

Raye and Rising are touring together well into November and have five sold out shows on their books. Raye is touring solo with a rustic stage-sign and acoustic guitar in hand. Chloe and Leah Smith, founders and front women for Rising Appalachia, are backed by long standing members Biko Casini and David Brown (world percussionist & stand up bass). Accompanying them is West African musician Arouna Diarra (n’goni) and Irish musician Duncan Wickel (fiddle, guitar). The complementing acts separate themselves from the majority of folk artists by carrying to the stage strong messages of female empowerment, societal resilience, and political fortitude. In doing so, they artfully pay tribute to Appalachian and traditional folk roots while championing social justice, steeped in experiences as women and a woman of color in (Zaragoza), in today’s world. Drawing on extensive touring, Ray Zaragoza and Rising Appalachia have polished sounds that you too can catch as they make their way through major American cities, back towards the east coast.

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