The Residents at The Chapel, April 5th and 6th, 2018

San Francisco’s Avante-Garde music and art collective The Residents performed a two-night residency at The Chapel this past April 5th and 6th. Over their 40+ year career, the members of the group have kept their identities hidden, wearing a progression of different masks over the years when performing live. This latest incarnation had the vocalist wearing sunglasses and a bull outfit, while the keyboardist, guitarist, and drummer each sported goggles, bird-like beaks, and checkerboard suits.

Performing a cover of the James Brown classic, ‘A Man’s World’, the band performed more conventional rock/funk music, but the bulk of the set saw them entering noise rock territory, with less structured and noisier tracks. Video clips featuring fictional versions of John Wayne, President Nixon, and other individuals recounting surreal dreams were peppered throughout the almost hour and a half set.


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