Tyler, The Creator at Bill Graham on Friday, October 11, 2019

On a warm Friday night, the streets outside of Bill Graham buzzes with excitement as fans line up to see rapper Tyler, the Creator play his second show in a row in San Francisco. With the artist’s new release IGOR in May, the performer takes on a new alter Ego on stage that is an evolution of his first identity as flower boy. 

The performance was carefully curated from the tassel projections to the blue suit he wore on Friday night. The 4 tears of tassels show a delay in Tyler’s movements, with bright lights complimenting his songs as he performs. The connection between Tyler and his fans ring through as voices fill the room, singing along.

The artist is finishing the last leg of his tour for the year with GoldLink and Blood Orange. If given the chance to see the performance, I highly recommend it. 

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