10 Online Therapy Sites for that takes insurance in 2022

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If there’s a universal lesson we’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s that if what you are offering or looking for isn’t online – then it doesn’t exist. 

In the same spirit, the Internet became a saving grace for many services that we never thought could ever be offered remotely.

This especially goes for online therapy.

Contrary to what many people think, online therapy is even more effective than conventional traditional therapy. It brings convenience, confidentiality, limitless access to mental health services, and more perks.

If your greatest dilemma is finding the best online therapy programs from licensed therapists, read on as we outline the best online therapy platforms out there!

Top 10 Best Online Therapy Services of 2022: First Look

1. Best free online counseling services – 7Cups
2. Top online therapy with chat – BetterHelp
3. Effective cognitive gehavioural therapy – Online-Therapy.com
4. Best online therapy psychiatric treatments – TalkSpace
5. Best online mental health counseling for couples – ReGain
6. Great for teens and young adults – Teen Counselling
7. Best virtual health care – Doctor on Demand
8. Behavioural therapy – MDLive
9. Best online therapy site for affordability – Calmerry
10. Best online counseling services for groups – Circles

1. 7Cups – One of the Best Free Online Therapy Platforms

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
$150 monthly   Live video sessions Chat Audio Unlimited messaging therapy × Free chats

7Cups offers a novel approach to mental health and emotional support on addiction, anxiety, depression, bipolar, family, grief, substance abuse, and trauma, among other areas.

The therapy sessions involve self-help groups, free chats with volunteer listeners, and confidential chats with licensed mental health professionals.

On the flip side, it doesn’t accept insurance. The counseling services may be a little pricier compared to other online therapy sites, but you can take advantage of the free therapy, free subscriptions, and free group chats.

We checked several independent reviews about the site, and satisfied clients had good things to say. 

One wrote, “7Cups community is a very nice community which helps a lot of people every day and I’m glad that I’m part of this community.  

2. BetterHelp – Best Online Therapist Chat Services

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
$40-$70 weekly   Live video sessions Chat Phone Unlimited messaging therapy × 10% off the first month

With the high customer satisfaction rate at BetterHelp, it must be doing something right. 

Our most accurate pointer is the fact that the site only accepts licensed therapists. There currently are 15,000+ accredited mental health counselors whose profiles are available for your vetting.

We, however, hope that in the future, the system will let clients choose their preferred therapists. Even then, it has served over a million people, meaning the algorithm gets the job done.

BetterHelp is also one of the best online therapy platforms when you consider affordability. It offers financial aid to clients, which goes a long way in facilitating online counseling, should you qualify for it.

Clients are seemingly content with the services here as one says, “An awesome experience without having to leave my office, wasting time in traffic. My therapist is wonderful. I cannot tell you.”     

3. Online-Therapy.com – Best Online Counselling for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
$32 per week     Messaging Video sessions × 20% off the first month

Cognitive behavioral therapy uses a psychotherapeutic approach when handling mental health cases. There’s a 12-question survey from the onset, which will be used to coin the best treatment plan for you.

The online therapist looks into how a situation (trigger) informs your thoughts, physical reaction, emotions, and behavior in this approach.

Given the intricate treatment in cognitive behavioral therapy, it’s impartial to note that you’ll be in the hands of licensed therapists.

The user-friendly website also has valuable resources like a toolbox and free mental health resources to help you understand and learn more about yourself and how to take care of your mental health.

Unlike most platforms, though, most clients have expressed their concerns about therapists only being available from Monday to Friday. Hopefully, they’ll improve on that since most of these sites offer 24/7 support options.

Hannah Wilkison is one of the happy clients who reviewed the site, said, “so convenient and high-quality therapists. Highly recommend it if you need to speak to someone.”  

4. TalkSpace – Best Online Counselling for Psychiatric Treatment

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
From $65 Per week   Video chat Phone Instant messages   ✓   Discounts on biannual & quarterly payments

TalkSpace has earned quite a reputation for its stellar online psychiatric services. 

It has helped many people deal with depression, OCD, trauma, anger, LGBTQ, substance abuse, parenting, and many more.

After a brief assessment, you will be presented with a list of the best therapists to take up your case. Even though an online therapy provider will be chosen for you, the site allows you to switch them at free will and at no extra cost.

You will then create a flexible schedule with 24/7 access to online mental health counseling sessions.

People also prefer online psychiatrists who provide holistic services which TalkSpace therapists provide, and even prescribe medication.

The online therapy platform has thousands of positive reviews and has been featured in publications like Business Insider and the Huffington Post.

And yes, if you’re looking for online counseling services that accept insurance, you’re in the right space.

One happy client wrote, “@talkspace. The best money I’ve spent in a long time.”

5. ReGain – Best Online Therapy for Couples Counselling

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
$60 -$90 per week   Phone Chat Video Conferencing Unlimited messaging therapy   ×     10% off the first month  

ReGain’s is a one-stop shop for you to regain a healthy relationship with your loved ones. Here, you’ll find the best-licensed marriage and family therapists.

The professional and licensed therapists cover topics like intimacy, passion, communication, affection, trust, and friendship. There are also helpful articles covering areas like divorce, infidelity, and marriage.

What we found a little lacking was that it doesn’t have a three-way call. This would be an excellent feature for couples to use.

Other than having licensed marriage and family therapists, it also does individual counseling sessions.

You can check the therapists’ bios and reviews on the icon written “user satisfaction.” 

One client remarked, “Tina is attentive and reaches out to us. She always follows up.” Don’t we all want a licensed mental health professional like that?

6. Teen Counselling – Best Mental Health Counselling for Teens

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
$40-$70 per week   Text Phone Video sessions Messaging     ×        

Teen Counselling would have made a mockery of its name if it provided anything less- but it doesn’t. It even goes a notch higher by guiding young adults and serving parents and guardians too. 

So basically, these licensed professional counselors are family therapists as well.

If you’re taking care of a child between 13-19, the professional therapy here helps your child thrive by offering them the guidance they need. The therapy session happens via text, video, and audio.

Is it confidential?

This kind of therapy may have a lot of grey areas, especially when it comes to confidentiality now that we are talking about minors here.

On this site, the therapy sessions are confidential. Your role as a caregiver will be close parental monitoring, and you’ll only be alerted when intervention is needed.

The licensed clinical social workers and therapists cover topics like bullying, peer pressure, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and stress. Please note that this is not the right option when dealing with an emergency like suicidal thoughts.

The rate of user satisfaction is pretty good, with some even recommending their own online therapy providers. 

Case in point, someone wrote, “This far, Mary has been phenomenal in her work with my daughter. I would highly recommend her.”

7. Doctor on Demand – Best Virtual Care Therapy

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
Psychology $129 (25 minutes) $179 (50 minutes)   Psychiatry $129 (15 minutes) $299 (25 minutes) Video chat   ✓        

Doctor on Demand is a telehealth site that fosters a personal touch with clients, from your medical history to personality. 

Summarily, the medical doctors respond to urgent care, behavioral health, preventive health, and chronic care.

The mental health platform exclusively offers video therapy to give you a person-to-person feel during treatment. The site only works with licensed and professional medical experts, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

After an assessment, you’ll either see a psychologist (talk therapist) or a psychiatrist for mental health cases. If issues like anger, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, panic attacks, and insomnia are blurring your life’s purpose – this place will come in handy.

This online therapy platform even makes the services more convenient by offering medication management. The attending psychiatrist will place an electronic prescription in a pharmacy near you.

If you’d wish for a physical examination, all you need to do is book an appointment.

The services are a bit pricey, but they accept insurance covers like United Healthcare, Humana, and Aetna.  

As for user experiences, someone on Quora asked about the effectiveness of the services here.

One of the responses read, “Is that the app where you’re essentially video sessions with a doctor? Buddy of mine did this a few weeks ago when he could barely leave his apartment. He said it was really cool because you just talk back and forth with the doctor. And he gave a prescription somehow. I don’t know the logistics though.”    

8. MDLive – Best Behavioural Health Therapy  

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
Psychiatry $284 (max)   Therapy $108 (max) Video chat Phone     ✓        

At MDLive, certified medical doctors are always on call, responding to 80+ medical conditions. It essentially deals in Urgent Care, Dermatology, and Behavioural Health.

If you want to talk to a professional about addiction, life changes, stress management, aging, and caregiver support – MDLive is a suitable option.

You also get mental health diagnoses, therapeutic treatment, and medication management for bipolar, OCD, PTSD, depression, phobias, and more.  

Even though the virtual visits are convenient and affordable, they should have offered clients a subscription plan. It accepts health insurance coverages like Blue Cross.

We also checked user reviews and found some good reports. 

David Kilson Jr wrote,” I needed help getting my medication thrice. Each time I was called back promptly and was able to get my medication the next day. Only reasonable questions were asked.”

9. Calmerry – Best E-Counseling Platform Quality and Affordable Mental Care

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
$42 per week Video live chat Phone     ×       30% off the first month    

For a site that was founded in 2020, Calmerry has performed exceedingly well. It stands out for providing quality and affordable online mental health services.

The site only has licensed professional counselors who cover various mental health issues and even offer medication management.

Should you feel the need to switch therapists, you’re at liberty to do that.

The reviews about the site are pretty encouraging. It seems like they are delivering exactly what they promise.

Seeing messages like, “I’m so grateful for the relationship I have with my therapists,” are candidly sincere and encouraging.  

10. Circles – Best Online Counselling for Group Therapy

Price Mobile App Communication Insurance Special Offers
$20 per week Video chats Unlimited messages   ×       20% off the first month 1st 7 days free trial      

Why would the site be called Circles if you don’t sit and have round-table conversations, right? So, the name already preempts that Circles is solely for group therapy.

You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire, then, based on your answers, get matched to a topic-specific group.

There also are additional informative resources like blogs that can be of help to you.

All the group leaders are certified life coaches and online therapist licensed professionals, whose bios are available on the site.  

This online therapy company is more of an emotional support group than an actual therapy platform. So, if you’re looking for a more one-on-one avenue, it may not suffice. It also doesn’t prescribe medicine for mental illness cases.

Ruth, a beneficiary of the online therapy program, had this to say. “The service is great. I received a prompt response to my inquiries. I already recommended it to my cousin.”   

Best Online Therapy Platforms: FAQs

What is Online Therapy?

It’s essentially therapy services offered virtually through mediums like video conferencing, phone calls, texts, email.

Online therapy also goes by many names; e-therapy, teletherapy, e-counseling, and cyber-counseling.

It works under a similar premise as face-to-face therapy, save for the point of contact between you and the therapist.

Are Online Therapists Legit?


The legitimacy of online therapists is still a grey area, given the permissive nature of the internet. Matters like approving the certifications of the therapist do come up. 

However, that doesn’t mean that all of them are scams.

So, how do you sift through the chaff to find the sincere ones?

  • Choose a licensed therapist – both professionally and in your state
  • If you’re using an app or site, you have to ensure it’s safe and secure
  • Check the payment terms and rates
  • Consider other users’ reviews on the site, app, and therapist

Can I Trust Online Therapy?

You want to know whether online therapy is secure and confidential?

The rationale behind teletherapy, unlike in-person sessions, may be of concern since online communication isn’t ultimately secure.

However, with cyber security advancements implementing programs like HIPAA, the trust issues shouldn’t pose a challenge. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, mandates businesses and entities to secure and protect health information.

Do Online Therapy Sessions Work?

Yes. Research has proven that online therapy can be effective for some mental health issues.

The main challenge, however, is establishing a physical and personal therapeutic relationship between the counselor and patient.

Also, since some contact methods in online therapy give clients anonymity, people are mainly concerned about whether online counseling provides the necessary skills and tools that these patients need.

Ideally, a therapist should always observe your reactions and body language, which may not be expressly possible with online therapy sessions.

There’s good news, though.

Depending on the nature of counseling, you can always choose the most appropriate contact method, from video calls, chats, phone calls to emails.

Is Online Therapy Effective Like in Person Therapy?

Without stretching the truth too far, sometimes it’s even safe to say that online therapy is the better option between the two.

Remember, when you go online, you have:

  • An extensive list of therapists to choose from
  • Other users reviews and testimonials as a benchmark
  • Zero accessibility hurdles
  • Reduced costs

The task at hand is finding good quality services. We hope this review will help you with that.

Is Online Therapy Appropriate for Everyone?

Some people, more than others, may prefer or need online therapy programs depending on various circumstances like:

  • People with disabilities
  • Those working outside regular hours
  • People who can’t leave their home to visit someone in person
  • People who may not be comfortable being vulnerable with strangers face-to-face
  • People who travel a lot and may not honor in-person therapy appointments but still need therapy

You could use online therapy when you need help with stress management, relationship problems, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, sleep issues, and depression.

However, online therapy may not be the most appropriate recourse if the patient is:

  • A young child
  • Struggling with more severe mental conditions and challenges like having suicidal thoughts
  • Not comfortable using the internet for such purposes

In such situations, we recommend traditional therapy.

How Much Do Online Therapists Charge?

Well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to pricing. Therapists charge differently depending on many factors, like the nature of therapy, communication method, level of experience, and the frequency of the therapy session.

For instance, video chats cost more than emailing or text messaging.

An average weekly budget can fall anywhere between $40 to $120.

Is this fair?

Online therapy is way more cost-effective than in person therapy. Remember, online therapy bypasses several expenses like office space rent and commuting costs.

Does Medicare Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

Some do. When the Covid pandemic hit, most insurance providers expanded their terms to cover online therapy. Congress directed that responding to the pandemic also required Medicare and Medicaid to accommodate telehealth.

You can now seek services like psychotherapy through e-counseling.

We advise that you contact your insurance company for more information.

Can I Get Free Online Therapy?

Did you know you can still get free mental health services? Helplines like 8448-8448-45 provide psychosocial therapy on a wide range of mental issues.   

You can also tap into community resources. 

Some therapists and organizations offer mental health services at very subsidized costs. For instance, some universities, through the psychology department, have psychotherapy services for the community

Most of the staff are usually graduate students on apprenticeship and licensed clinical social workers – but you will still receive excellent services.

Also, discussing costs with your therapist isn’t taboo. Ask them if you can work around a price range you can afford. If the answer is “no,” find one who will – you will find someone.

How Should I Choose the Right Therapist for Me?

First, you need to know the type of therapy you seek. There are five broad categories of psychotherapy.

  • Psychodynamic therapy – It’s a long-term mental treatment that focuses on behavioral changes. It’s ideal when handling conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance use, etc.
  • Behavior therapy – It’s action-oriented. The therapist uses this approach when the patient’s situation stems from specific recurrent habits. This therapy explores how conditioning can result in patterns like communication and emotional challenges, OCD, ADHD, and phobias.
  • Humanistic therapy – Here, the focus is on one’s thought process. The approach believes that our emotions and behaviors are a response to how we think.  If the patient faces challenges like insomnia, mood disorders, phobias, and substance use, this is the way to go.
  • Integrative therapy– It’s like an amalgamation of all the other types of therapy. Therapists fuse these approaches to come up with the best treatment depending on a client’s symptoms.

So, what next after knowing the type of therapy you need?

Choose the right licensed therapist based on:

  1. Research – Gather as much information as possible about them to see if they are the right fit for you.
  2. Experience – This is especially crucial when you need therapy on specific mental health conditions. For instance, when you’re dealing with a terminal illness.
  3. Licensing – Not all counselors are licensed, but it would be prudent to find one that is.
  4. Insurance – If your insurer covers therapy, you want to determine what policies you’ll be dealing with.
  5. Personality fit – If you do all these and still aren’t comfortable with the one you’ve chosen, don’t feel bad for wanting to switch therapists. Keep looking until you find your perfect match.

Closing Remarks: What is the Best Site for Online Therapy

It has taken the world a great deal of realization to give mental health the serious attention it deserves.

Accessing therapy online is one of the best gifts that the internet has given us so far. The convenience and affordability have saved so many people from dark places.

If you want an affordable place for regular online therapy sessions with a qualified licensed counsellor, 7Cups will serve the part. BetterHelp is yet another highly-ranked spot for top-notch mental help services.

We also recommend online therapy platforms like ReGain and Teen Counselling to help you have a healthier and therapeutic relationship with your loved ones. 

If you just want emotional support in a community-like setting, Circles will come through for you.

What do you think of our choices?

Disclaimer – Farrinstitute is reader-supported and may receive a commission from links placed in the article.

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