10 Websites for a Free Numerology Chart: Free Numerology Reading and Report (Software, Video, Phone, Chat, and More)

Numerology seems simple at first — all you have to do is calculate some numbers based on your name and birthday, right? In fact, the ancient study of numerical energy is far more complex than it originally appears.

While calculating your core numbers may be straightforward, getting a numerology reading and report can help you understand what they mean for you specifically. Here are the top readings and reports you can get for free!

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What Is Numerology and What Is a Numerology Reading?

Numerology is a field that studies how numbers affect our lives. Based on the idea that numbers are the basic building blocks of the universe, it examines how the energies of the numbers particular to you—in your name and birthday—affect your personality and destiny.

Learn more about this in our article completely dedicated to numerology.

How Do I Choose the Best Numerology Reading?

When you are new to numerology, it’s ideal to use a professional reader to find out your core numbers, using your name and birthday, and interpret them. They can provide personalized insight into your life situation, ensuring accurate and nuanced interpretations.

To find the best reader for you, first determine what you want to find out about your life. Do you want to focus on your overall life patterns, or are you more interested in finding the answer to a particular question, such as how you can better express yourself in your career?

Then, review different numerologists’ profiles. These will tell you the psychics’ areas of expertise, as well as providing you with information about how clients have responded to them in the past.

Finally, explore introductory offers before committing to a numerologist. By getting a taste of the reader’s style and abilities at no cost, you’ll ensure that the person you end up working with communicates in a way that is helpful for you.

Free Numerology Reports from Professional Readers:

  1. Best free numerology readings – RoyalNumerology
  2. Best video numerology reading – Numerologist
  3. Best love numerology reading – Kasamba
  4. Best life path number reports – PsychicSource
  5. Best soul number readings – AskNow
  6. Best for birth date numerology – Keen
  7. Best for expression number calculator – Oranum

Free Numerology Report and Readings by Software: 

  1. AstrologyFutureEye
  2. CafeAstrology
  3. ShamanPath

Free Numerology Reports from Professional Readers

1. RoyalNumerology – Best Free Numerology Readings

  • Generates a free reading
  • Takes less than a minute
  • Options for in-depth reports

RoyalNumerology uses your answers to simple questions (your date of birth and full name, including middle name and last name) to create a mini report for you within seconds.

This numerology report provides you with several core numbers. It then gives you an in-depth interpretation of what these mean for your personality and future.

Once you have these numbers, the site offers you a full reading for $49.

2. Numerologist – Best Video Numerology Reading

Numerologist uses a quick online calculator for your name and birthday to give you your five core numbers within seconds.

The site elaborates on each of these numbers in a paragraph, explaining your strengths and traits.

Then, it generates a video to explain how they arrived at these numbers and to provide a more in-depth reading about the significance of each one. Here, the site describes not only the positive aspects of each number, but also specific challenges you may face.

3. Kasamba – Best Love Numerology Reading

Kasamba has more than 60 numerology advisors from around the world, making it possible to get a reading at any time of day.

Their numerology specialists have sub-specialties, with many focusing on love readings. The site is also helpful if your question concerns romance. Kasamba’s experts can focus on how numerology applies to your love life.

Kasamba’s introductory offer of three minutes for each new advisor you try means that you can find a guide whose style and methods best align with yours.

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4. PsychicSource – Best Life Path Number Reports

PsychicSource’s numerology experts use multiple tools for their psychic readings, letting you get a bigger picture of how your numbers show your life’s path.

The customer endorsements for their numerologists attest that they are particularly skilled in providing insight into life, destiny, and meaning.

PsychicSource does not provide minutes in its introductory offer. However, because their introductory rates are $1-3 per minute, the discounts mean that you will save several dollars per minute on your reading, providing additional time at no cost.

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5. AskNow – Best Soul Number Readings

  • Several numerologists
  • Expertise in spiritual guides
  • 5 free minutes with intro offer

AskNow provides a selection of numerologists with different sub-specialties. Many focus on spiritual guides and astrology in addition to numerology, providing them with additional insight into your soul reading number.

When you purchase 30 minutes for $30 from AskNow, you will also receive five additional minutes with an elite/master psychic.

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6. Keen – Best for Birth Date Numerology

Keen’s numerology advisors use different tools in combination with numerology, including clairvoyance, cartomancy, and runes to help you figure out the significance of your date of birth in your reading.

Your birth date produces your life’s path number and your birthday number. By combining these calculations with psychic skills, Keen’s numerologists can give you greater insight into your overall personality and talents.   

Keen offers three minutes for new users.

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7. Oranum – Best for Expression Number Calculator

Oranum’s wide selection of numerology guides, most of whom use multiple tools. This means that they can provide you with in-depth information about your expression number. This shows your goals, talents, and opportunities.

By combining numerology readings with other tools, such as clairvoyance, angel cards, and tarot, psychics are able to give you more insight into how you can use your expression number most positively in your life.

Oranum offers 9.99 credits when you sign up. These credits translate to 3-10 minutes, depending on the rate of the psychic you choose.

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Free Numerology Report and Readings by Software

8. AstrologyFutureEye

AstrologyFutureEye uses your birth name (including first name and middle name) and date of birth to generate a PDF based on your Chaldean numerology chart. This is a different tradition than many Western numerologists use, and so it can provide different insights into your personality.

In addition to the core numbers and interpretations, this report also provides you with a list of important years in your life and compatibility analyses between different sets of numbers.

9. CafeAstrology

CafeAstrology’s calculator generates an in-depth numerology report based on your birth name, including the way you sign your name, and date.

Unlike some other calculators, this report provides you with not only your life path, destiny, and soul numbers, but also your personality number, your maturity number, and your balance number.

The CafeAstrology report also describes your numbers for the four pinnacles, four challenges, and three challenges of your life, explaining the meaning of different eras.

10. ShamanPath

ShamanPath’s numerology report uses your birth name and date to analyze your life path, destiny, and soul urge numbers. It then provides an overview of what each number means.

The report explains the first two numbers in great detail, devoting less time to the soul urge number.  

Guide to Your Numerology Reading

How Can a Numerology Report Help Me?

Numerology reports generally provide you with your core numbers based on your name and birthday: life path, expression, personality, soul urge, and birthday numbers. These tell you about your purpose, public persona, abilities, desires, and talents.

Getting a  report can help you get a better sense of your life’s purpose and themes. In doing so, the report allows you to put current challenges and experiences into a larger context.

Experienced readers can help you use numbers to zero in on particular questions, connecting them to these larger patterns.

Can I Learn Numerology?

Yes! Anyone can learn it, though mastering it can take years. To start, work with a basic guide, such as RoyalNumerology’s, to calculate your core numbers using your name and birthday and research their interpretations.

While you learn numerology, it can be helpful to work with a professional reader. Their deeper insights can show you how the study sheds light on various questions and issues you face, in addition to describing the more general patterns in your life.

Working with a professional can also help you answer questions about calculations. What name should you use in the reading? Should you use just your first name and last or include your middle name, as well? A professional guide can help you decide.

Final Word on Free Numerology Report

Though anyone can learn numerology, working with a guide will provide you with greater insights when you have a specific question and want to go beyond the basics.

When you need a report for free, RoyalNumerology provides the best readings, with easy-to-understand descriptions of how numerical energy shapes your life. Numerologist is a close runner-up, providing videos based on your birthday and name. For love readings, Kasamba is your best bet.

What are your core numbers? How have they affected your life? Let us know!

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