100% Free Psychic Reading Online via Chat and Phone 2021

Life only gets tougher as days pass by, but not all of us can handle difficult issues or situations in our lives. Some might be trapped in a dark room in which they are unable to find a way out.

We are not saints, so obviously we can’t have solutions for everything. Sometimes we need the guidance of outsiders who can provide us insights and clarity into matters that we can’t see ourselves.

That’s when free psychic reading online service shows up.

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Why should you reach a psychic reader? Talking to the psychic will shed light on problems confusing your mind. Their solutions and advice are like the key helping you unlock the door and walk towards the right path. To reach the guiding light as well as to understand what benefits your life, you must firstly face the situations without any doubt or fear.

Nowadays, with many psychic sites available to choose from, finding the best psychic advisor seems to be a very hard work. No need to worry! We’ve short-listed top 2 websites based on my experience of getting psychic readings online. This article contains all the info needed to help you gain a free psychic reading by chat, phone, or video.

Psychics online enable to solve problems related to different aspects of your daily life, such as love, relationships, career, money, future, etc.

Best free phone and chat psychic readings of 2021:

Kasamba.com – A reliable place to get love & relationship readings with 3 free minutes.

CaliforniaPsychics.com – A great source to get advice for life decisions with just $1.99.

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Top 2 Psychic Reading Online Sites Reviewed

In the modern day, most people are living in a fast pace…and with a busy schedule, they feel hesitant to invest their precious time to a psychic whom they have no idea whether or not they are authentic. Moreover, since everything now is digitalized, it’s easier to look for assistance from online psychic advisors. Obviously this kind of service is more reliable, convenient and less cumbersome.

But, of all the options, which one is legit?

Some of psychic sites are highly approved and recommended are Kasamba and California Psychics.

#1: Kasamba.com – Free psychic chat for first 3 minutes


  • Well known for free psychic love reading
  • Delivering readings via online chat, phone, and email
  • Introductory offer: 3 free minutes in the first session with all psychics
  • Specialties: love readings, career path, tarot readings, astrology


Kasamba is the psychic network having the largest range of psychics, with over 2,000 individuals registered to work for them.

They offer various types of readings: fortune telling, dating advice, career forecasts, tarot readings, astrology, dream analysis, and psychic readings. Furthermore, customers can also find rare services like numerology, picture readings, palm readings, Feng Shui readings, etc.

As we keep repeating this, love and relationship readings at Kasamba.com are popular amongst clients. With a total of 282 experts, they can deliver profound guidance to solve any of your issues in love as well as other relationships. All love readers at this place are naturally gifted and have been in the psychic reading industry for many years.

Firstly known as Live Person, the company then changed name to Kasamba in 1999 and has started focusing on free psychics reading online. For over 20 years doing this business, this network has earned a good reputation. Not only hiring only the best psychics, but they also give 3 free minutes for all new clients. The purpose of free trials is to help users get closer and become comfortable around their chosen experts.

Pros and Cons:

I. Pros
  • A free trial of 3 minutes in each session with a new psychic advisor.
  • Most readers are genuine and have over a decade of experience in performing spiritual readings.
  • The site has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Feedbacks from previous customers are published publicly.
  • There are many flexible payment methods to serve clients’ different needs like PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.
  • A friendly, handy mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users.
II. Cons
  • There are no real-time video psychic chat readings.
  • The huge collection of psychics for selection can be overwhelming.

Suggested questions to ask Kasamba psychics:

If you want to gain the most from a free psychic chat or phone psychic reading, it’s highly recommended to have these following questions.

  • What should I do to make my relationship more fulfilling?
  • What and how can I make the best relationship?
  • How can I be happier?
  • What attitude of mine that I need to change to be more attractive?
  • What do I need to do to bring out good outcomes in my life?

Kasamba’s psychics online are capable of finding your greatest gifts that make you come up with wiser decisions. For visitors who have urgent relationship issues, their insightful guidance guarantees to solve all of them, from cheating, divorce, finding the true soulmate, and so on.

After 2 decades doing the absolutely free psychic reading online business, Kasamba has successfully provided advice and clarity to more than 3 million people, leading them to the ultimate happiness and peace.

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#2: CaliforniaPsychics.com – Best for phone psychic reading


  • Great for guidance on big life decisions
  • Delivering readings via phone and online chat
  • Introductory offer: the first reading with a low rate of $1 per min.
  • Specialties: life questions, love relationship advice, tarot readings


If you are seeking the best guidance for your most important decisions in life, we suggest California Psychics.

Deciding something significant when you’re uncertain or unsure is considered as taking risks. This later will generate a fear of failure inside you making you feel stressed, anxious, and worried…not good at all, for both your emotion and mental. In these challenging times, you need the support of psychics online.

As mentioned above, we now don’t need to waste much time searching for their help. California Psychics and their phone psychic reading will help you clear doubts in your mind and become more confident with your choices. Though a psychic is unable to predict your future, they can show you to possible results to encourage you to moving on the right track.

In my opinion, spiritual experts from CaliforniaPsychics.com are accurate and reliable when it comes to providing guidance on big life decisions. This site is infamous for the rigorous screening process; no wonder all psychic readers are authentic. They are screened and examined carefully before serving customers.

Around 1,700 qualified and gifted psychics are available on the phone as well as via online chat that can give practical and sound advice for your tough questions or urgent situation.

They make sure you gain clarity in every reading eventually.

Pros and Cons:

I. Pros
  • Well-designed, user-friendly website where you can select psychic advisors with ease.
  • The searching bar is available on the homepage allowing you to get connected to your favorite reader quickly.
  • The first reading costs only $1/minute if you are new clients.
  • You can read your horoscope for free by signing up.
  • There are lots of published articles for your need in case you wish to learn more about psychic readings and spirituality.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with 24/7 customer support
II. Cons
  • The video call option is not available
  • Not many multi-language psychics online work at CA Psychics

Along with Kasamba, California Psychics is also the ultimate choice of many individuals, especially those seeking life’s guidance. They guarantee accurate phone psychic reading at the best price. In case your favorite reader is not available at a certain time, simply make a schedule with them and they will call you later.

The services online at this network are affordable, considered quite low rate; for newcomers, the first reading is just $1 per minute.

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Absolutely Free Psychic Reading: Things to Know

For more details about your future, only psychic readings online can help. This kind of service will answer your clairvoyant questions and provide insights about your past, present and future. Thanks to the spiritual advice, you will be able to make wiser decisions in life.

In this section, let’s learn a few things about 100% free psychic reading:

1. What is free psychic readings no credit card?

Well, who doesn’t want free things, right? Yes, we all love that! In case of free psychic readings no credit card, it’s a ‘catch’. Do you think a psychic will deliver a full-length psychic reading for free? Of course NOT! If they did that for everyone, then how could they make a profit? That’s why free psychic chat no credit card is one of business tactics to attract customers (it’s you).

This catch is indeed a free trial in which you can gain a free psychic reading for just a few minutes. What if the conversation takes too long and exceeds free minutes? If so, the psychic will charge you right after the free reading ends.

Psychic networks like Kasamba and California Psychics do have employees helping them running the business. As big companies, they must pay for people who work for them. There is nothing like a free lunch; however, if you are quick and smart enough, you can gain lots of benefits from free psychic readings no credit card.

The purpose of free psychic reading is to clear all of your doubts and hesitation before reaching out psychics online. We tend to be afraid of contacting spiritual experts due to the fear of getting scammed. Fortunately, free trials or readings with discount price make us more rest-assured in trying this kind of service.

Once you got a precise session, you will have more confidence in investing for psychic guidance.

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2. What is the best site for 2021 free psychic love reading?

If you want to glimpse into your love life in the next year from an authentic advisor, we highly suggest Kasamba. As reviewed above, it’s a reputable site for online psychic providers specializing in love and relationships. Because of a great demand in customers, they have hundreds of love psychics in charge of this area.

Plus, you will find psychic readings categorized in different topics (dating, love, marriage, divorce, etc.) depending on the heart issue you are coping with. You can ask additional questions during the chat with professional psychics. They will discuss with you and help you clarify your issues through the reading to completely eliminate your worry.

They make the filter so that you can navigate and sort both the type of reading and psychic reader easily on the website.

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3. Are psychics online trustworthy?

Of course they are!

For those who are seeking an accurate psychic reading for 2021, you should check out the reviews and ratings of a psychic. Nowadays, all legit psychic websites will put spiritual advisors’ average ratings, testimonials, and even warnings from their previous clients on display.

Also, please note that some divination tools can work better for psychic chat online compared to others. For example, it may be hard to do a palm reading via the chat room; however, this method is completely useless with phone readings. If you want a session done by phone, remember to consider which tool a psychic advisor is good at for accuracy.

To make sure you gain the best reading, most psychic networks use a screening process when recruiting psychic readers.

Access a psychic site and determine the budget you want to spend for a reading; then, browse through the list of top online experts on the homepage. In case of Kasamba and California Psychics, both offer satisfaction guarantees, which is a good indicator that you can trust their services and they are confident with the quality of their psychics.

Look at the list of all readers, whether they are in a subcategory or generally, and pick one person you feel most interest with. Some networks sort them based on star ratings to make your searching easier. Obviously, you need to keep an eye on those with highest ratings first because they seem to offer numerous readings and have a lot of experience.

Try to read other customers’ reviews in each advisor’s profile.

They can be best psychics to others, but their style might not a good match for you. Make use of free trials to go with the one that can provide you psychic readings with clarity.

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4. What to expect during a free psychic chat no credit card?

Your reading will vary depending on your questions, the psychic’s messages and tools they use during the session.

As soon as the free trial begins, your chosen psychic will take a moment (several minutes) to tune into your energy. Most efficiently, they will create a connection using a prayer.

The next thing to do is that they will ask you what brought you to them. Well, this is a common question among psychics online. By asking, they can narrow down their focus on your circumstance and what you want to know. Don’t quickly conclude them not psychics with just this question.

Based on the answer provided, psychics will then concentrate on your energy so that they can spot the relation between this and what you truly want to know. For accurate future predictions, they may look through events occurring in the past and present.

Online psychics can use many different ways to read your energy as well as answer your question. Some even don’t use any but their psychic abilities. Divination tools are varied, such as crystals, astrology, numerology and tarot. You can tell what tools they work with because they usually mention that in their profile page.

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5. Why should you ask for a 100% free psychic reading?

Why wouldn’t you?

As I already said, everybody loves things costing them no money. If there’s any psychic willing to connect with you and even provide you genuine guidance without requiring any penny, then you shouldn’t say no. There’s no harm to try their service. In fact, it’s worth trying the free service. Why?

With all the situations happen to our lives, we usually get overwhelmed, and sometimes it becomes even worse as we can’t make wise decisions. While some accept them as challenges, some feel trapped with all the burdens from their problems.

Thanks to free psychic reading service, everyone (whether having financial issues or not) can contact psychics without any hesitation. We highly advise you to visit trusted sites like Kasamba and California Psychics as they have introductory offers for first-time users.

Now, talking to a psychic on chat, phone, or email is no longer a difficulty.

Make a call for a cheap reading with California Psychics

6. What to ask during an online psychic prediction?

Here we come up with some tips that will help you make a good preparation with your questions:

  • The first step is to focus on one or a few particular aspects of your life. Write it down and contemplate again to make sure if you miss anything. If there are still more, repeat the same thing you previously did for each area.
  • Next is to think deeper about the issues in the field making you feel concerned. For example, if you are worried about your love life or marriage and want a free psychic love reading, let’s figure out what the matter you truly need to know, like whether your current partner really loves you or is cheating you.
  • Choose the problem you find most pressing; in case there are many urgent issues that need answer, please list them in the priority order and ask from the first place.
  • Write down the question in various ways. Let’s use the earlier example, you can ask, “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?” Or you can change it to “What do I need to know about my partner’s feelings?” In other way, it could be “What is the potential of the relationship of my loved one and me?” Making questions that focuses on the matter you’ve narrowed down can give you clarity of the true nature of your situation.
  • After gathered everything, it’s time to list the exact question you want to ask your psychic just in case you are too nervous and will forget everything once the reading starts. It’s beneficial to prepare a list of questions beforehand as you can use it for reference later.

When having an absolutely free psychic reading 2021, you can ask any question that you are looking for an answer. On the other way around, you won’t get much insight if your questions are confusing and not clear.

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In Conclusion

Rather than free psychic reading through software or apps, it’s better to receive full-length psychic readings online from professionals. These days, reputable networks like Kasamba or California Psychics also offer mobile apps for the convenience of their clients. Thus, you can take advantage of their special services via web browsers and phone.

When it comes to psychic readings, all you need is accurate answers about different aspects of your life. Therefore, genuine interpretations are significant. If you have to choose, a professional psychic session is always the best selection.

Experienced readers know exactly how to avail psychic tools appropriately.

For those using free software or apps, you will surely get quick answers; nonetheless, no one can ensure if it’s accurate or how to apply that guidance to life.

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