15 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner, Cannabiotix, Tells You What You Need To Know About Cultivation

It is safe to say that Cannabiotix aka CBX isn’t simply like any other cannabis factory. It is hailed as one of the top cultivators in the United States and even has over 15 High Times Cannabis Cup wins to its name. The team’s cultivation techniques have actually been polished over time since their humble beginnings.

This boutique cannabis company was founded by Neema Samari and J.B., who is even one of the High Times Top 100 Influential people in cannabis. They wanted CBX to produce high-quality and superior weeds. This has remained the primary purpose until now. Because of the wit of the expert cultivator pair in coming up with the best cultivation practices and their years of experience in the field, the company is currently renowned in the cannabis industry.

What to Do When Cultivating Cannabis

Cannabis cultivation can be done outdoors, indoors, or in a greenhouse. Regardless, the conditions required for the environment, the maintenance of the plants while growing, and the methods that must be implemented after harvesting should be followed. All steps performed before, during, and after cultivation play critical roles in the life and quality of the yields. Therefore, all processes involved in cultivation must be done carefully and correctly.

Before the cultivation

The area or room must be modified beforehand so that the cultivator won’t have to deal with the damages to the plants’ condition later on. The most essential factor is the light because the area’s exposure to brightness determines the yields. For the site, the temperature must be comfortable, have a moderate humidity level, and allow good air circulation. Using walls that can reflect light on the plants can also increase yields.

During the cultivation

Throughout the cultivation process, the area where the operations are performed must always be kept clean. The ideal environmental conditions, such as the light, temperature, humidity, air circulation, and reflectivity should be maintained at all times. Being as detailed as possible can be really beneficial in spotting minor missteps that might cause significant damages to the harvest. Not overlooking the simple things and always remaining mindful of the cleanliness is necessary to ensure healthy harvests, year after year.

After the cultivation

Cutting the plant down isn’t the actual last stage in cultivating cannabis. During the harvesting stage, the trichomes must not be overexposed to high temperatures, brightness, and oxygen, or else the plants’ quality will be compromised. Three methods must be implemented at this time, and those are drying, trimming, and curing. These require the cultivator to handle the plants carefully as the trichomes are most vulnerable to damages at this stage.

The modification of the growing environment to make it ideal for cultivation, maintenance of the planting area, and proper execution of drying, trimming, and curing methods contribute to Cannabiotix’s award-winning cannabis harvests. Cultivating cannabis to yield the best results is a meticulous process. Therefore, only those who have what it takes to invest time and effort will be able to produce plants that are as superior as CBX’s.

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