Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight: CBD Infusionz

By Richard Cowan 

If you are looking for CBD products with published lab test results, Real Tested CBD is the right place to get them. We have a wide variety of different well-known CBD brands in the market. More brands and their respective products are joining Real Tested CBD every week, so make sure that you check our best CBD brands and products page regularly. This week, we bring you a brand review of CBD Infusionz. 

CBD Infusionz is a CBD brand that hails from Colorado. Their product range varies from CBD drinks and CBD fruit snacks to CBD lotions, CBD tinctures, capsules, soft gels, concentrates, live sauce, vapes, vegan CBD, and even dog treats. We at Real Tested CBD have tested several products by this brand and found them to meet our overall standards. All CBD products may contain no more than 0.3 percent of THC. 

Below are our reviews of some of the highest-rated CBD Infusionz products tested by us. 

CBD Infusionz’s – Mixed Fruit Snacks 600 Mg

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Our first obvious choice was berry gummies by CBD Infusionz. These delicious treats are one of the best CBD edibles available in the market. 

Each bottle contains 100 mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil. There are ten pieces of berry-flavored gummies with 10 mg of CBD goodness per piece. Although CBD Infusionz claims this product comes from whole hemp extract, our lab test found precious rare cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, and CBG. 

CBD Infusionz’s – Natural Bears 200 Mg CBD

Image Source: RealTestedCBD

With a score of 69 on our review scale, this product comes second in our review list. Although CBD Infusionz did a fine job at producing this organic CBD product, our tests revealed the ingredient level to be slightly more than what the label claims, which is a positive thing. These delicious gummy bears come with a hint of herbal aftertaste. 

Natural bears by CBD Infusionz contain 200 mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil. It has ten pieces with 20 mg of CBD goodness per gummy and includes high quality of both THC and CBD. 

CBD Infusionz’s – Muscle Freeze 500 Mg

Image Source: RealTestedCBD

If you are looking for a topical CBD product that can penetrate your epidermis and get to your joints and muscles, our third choice from CBD Infusionz is it. The Muscle Freeze comes packed with natural Aloe Vera, menthol, tea tree oil, and CBD isolates. All these ingredients give this gel strength to get past your skin and heal your muscle and joints’ aches and pains. 

It contains 500 mg of CBD isolate oil per bottle. If you are an athlete or someone who prefers more potent CBD lotions, look no further. This gel contains 500 mg of hemp extract per bottle. It is a non-GMO CBD product obtained via CO2 extraction and has cleared our tests for being pesticides and solvent-free.

It is an all-natural CBD product; however, we must warn you not to use this product if you are breastfeeding mom or pregnant. This product contains grain alcohol that gives the muscle freeze sensation, as the name suggests. 

CBD Infusionz’s – Hemp CBD Capsules 250 Mg 

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Next in line is the hemp-based CBD capsule by CBD Infusionz. This product does not use any cheap oil; instead, it has the highest quality of free broad-spectrum hemp CBD oil with 250 mg dosage of CBD per bottle. It has ten capsules with 25 mg of CBD dosage per capsule. 

It is a well-made product; however, our test results found the level to be slightly lower than the label claims. It does contain both CBC and CBD. Hemp CBD capsules also cleared our solvent and pesticide-free testing. 

CBD Infusionz’s – Hemp CBD Tincture 600 Mg 

Image Source: RealTestedCBD

If you are looking for a CBD tincture bursting with THC free cannabinoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant, then you should check this one out. This hemp CBD tincture by CBD Infusionz bottle contains 500 mg of these naturally occurring cannabinoids, and each drop of it will give you 20.7 mg of CBD. 

It also contains 5.88 mg of CBD per bottle, and our lab tests found this product to be free of any solvents and pesticides. 

CBD Infusionz’s – Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil 5280 mg

Image Source: RealTestedCBD

This one may be the last on our list, but it is a solid contender in the world of full-spectrum CBD oil. This 29 ml bottle of CBD oil contains 5820 mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil, with each drop giving you 182 mg of CBD goodness. Although Real Tested CBD lab tests found the actual levels to be at 5075.58 mg, which is slightly lower than the label claim, this product also contains 41.46 mg and 30.18 mg of THC and CBG, respectively. 

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