3 Best Press Release Distribution Services, with Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best

Whether you are new in the business or want to launch a new product in the market, you need press coverage to thrive in the highly competitive market.  But to get good coverage, you need to work a lot. Does this seem challenging to you? How about getting a maximum reach and excellent coverage with the best press release distribution services?

Why Press Release Distribution Services?

Press releases help in boosting your brand awareness. But it will be fruitful only when you make it reach wider audiences. Will it serve any purpose if your target customer base does not know about it? No! So, to make your press release distribute effectively across top tier news outlets, magazines, blogs, etc. having the best press release distribution service by your side is vital.

When your brand name is visible in public forums, your business will get wider coverage that in turn boost your brand awareness. Let us see how it will be beneficial for your business.

Benefits of Selecting Press Release Distribution Services 

If you are still not convinced about the selection of the press release distribution service. Here are the benefits that will give you an idea of how your selected service will boost your business.

Boost Your SEO

In this digital environment, when you are about to search for the top services of your desired products, what is usually your first step? More often, you Google it! The same holds true for your customer base too.

SEO plays a vital role in your marketing strategy. When your press release distribution service launches your release by implementing the right SEO tactics, you will surely be in the top search results of your users. This makes it easy for your clients and customers to find and reach your business quickly.

As your search engine visibility gets a boost with the SEO efforts, this, in turn, will also help in ranking your business higher.

Drive More Traffic To Your Business

The more people read your releases, the more they will understand your business. When the reader clicks on the links in your press release, they will be directed to your website, which results in increased traffic.

The increased traffic that you are getting after distributing your press release gives you the idea of how successful your release is.

Affordable Cost

When looking for marketing services at an affordable cost, then press release distribution service is the most convenient and cost-effective way of marketing. You will find its results more measurable and observable when you compare the press release distribution services with other paid advertising modes. So, it turns out to be more economical in comparison to other marketing mediums.

Reach Your Target Base

The press release distribution services are industry-specific and are also based on the targeted geographical location. This helps in promoting your business among the target base that responds effectively to your CTAs.

The press release distribution service will share your vision and interests with those who are more interested in your services. When the customers get the services they are looking for, they will buy and even recommend your products and make your brand reach across more people.

Distribute Content across Multiple Channels

When you step into the market among well-established businesses, you need to make your own space by establishing connections through all the available mediums. The best press release distribution service can make it easy for you. 

It will ensure you proper media coverage by making your press release published in magazines, newspapers, and hearing the most about your services from journalists. All this will help in boosting your marketing efforts and secure your place in a highly competitive market.

Attract Investors

When you need to lift your startup and need investors, press releases would be of great help. When you hire the best press release distribution services for distributing your releases, they will build your reputation and increase your visibility. Along with this, your selected service also helps in capturing the attention of investors who can sponsor your services in the future.

Boost Your Reputation

You need to establish a reputation for your business, and a press release, distributed through the best service is the ideal way to earn it. It is an excellent way of building trust among your customers. Your excellent press release campaign gives you an opportunity to brand your business and market the unique qualities of your excellent products. 

You must now be convinced about the benefits of selecting the press release distribution services. So, have you made your mind to look for the service for distributing your releases? Yes!

Undoubtedly press release distribution service provides numerous benefits for your business. But does any random service serve that purpose? No! Having the best press release distribution service is vital. But how to do that?

How to Choose the Best Press Release Distribution Service?

You now know the importance of selecting the press release distribution service. Now let us discuss certain factors that you need to look at while selecting the best press release distribution service.

White-Label Services

When you are looking for the best press release distribution services, see whether the brand is providing white-label services. A white label is a service where the company develops the press release under your name. They will not be using their company’s name in your press release. This is very beneficial in press releases. When your press release is distributed without the inclusion of any third party name, your competitors will never get an idea that you have hired any press release distribution service for your press releases. Moreover, your viewers also get the impression that you are an expert in your field. This will surely lift your business.

Guaranteed Placement on Top-Tier Websites

It doesn’t matter how effective or engaging your press release is if it is not distributed widely. You are generating press releases to promote your services and brand, if it is not reaching the right audiences, then the whole purpose is failed. 

The best press release distribution service is the one that guarantees the placement of your press release on top-tier websites. So, before hiring a particular service, always look for their press release network. 


Do you think paying more for a service gives you better results? If you think so, then it is not the right approach for selecting the best press release distribution service. As going with the free service is always not a great idea, in the same manner paying more doesn’t guarantee you the best service. 

Compare your required features of the different services and balance those with your expected budget. Do not compromise the best features and functionality on the cost, but no need to go over your budget too. You can get an affordable service with your desired features, just need to search a little.


The interface of your selected service should be user-friendly. The easier the navigation and usage, the better will be the results. If you find it too complicated to use, then chances are there for you to miss on certain important functions and features. You never know the missed features would be responsible for improving and giving you better results. Many sites offer demo services. So, take your time to review and understand the service. Only finalize it when you find it easy to use.

Distribution Channels

Look for the sites, newswire services, and media outlets that the respective distribution service is offering. You can compare this with the levels of membership of the different press release services. For instance, a premium level membership offers you more channels to distribute your release. While the other levels of membership provide access to limited channels. Only see whether the service is offering a local distribution option, means targeting some geographical area.

Traffic on a Particular Press Release Distribution Service

While selecting the service, look for the traffic that the particular site is getting daily. The more the traffic it is getting, the more services are watched by other search engines and websites. You can get this information on the respective website of the press release distribution service.

Look for Testimonials from Previous Clients

The best press release distribution service will not fall short of reviews from happy customers. When a customer is happy with the services, mostly they will leave a review expressing satisfaction with the respective service. So, always look for these reviews to hire only the best press release distribution service for distributing your releases across top channels. If you are unable to find any reviews, think twice before going for that particular service. It would be better to skip that service and look for some other press release distribution service with good reviews and excellent features.

Additional Services

Apart from extended distribution, some press release distribution services also offer press release writing and other services. These may include a WordPress plugin for content optimization, image, and video embedding, etc. Moreover, some PR services even offer whitepapers and eBooks with tips for improving press release efforts. So look for the best press release distribution service that provides some extra assistance. Only then can you get the best value for your money spent on a particular service.

So, you are now aware of the features you need to consider while selecting the press release distribution service. Consider the coverage you need for your press release and then compare the different services to see which service provides you with better search and online visibility. Figure out which service can offer you an excellent brand engagement.

Compare all the services and then hire the one that is capable of sending your message across your target demographic and guarantees the success of your PR campaign.

3 Best Press Release Distribution Services in 2020

So far, we have guided you about the importance of press release distribution service. We have also discussed the certain important features that you need to look at while selecting the best press release distribution service. To help you out, we are listing here some of the best press release distribution services. Check them out and find whether they suit your requirements and budget. 

1. Linking News

Counted among the best press release distribution services, Linking News helps you publish your press release on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Bloomberg, Yahoo, USA Today, MarketWatch, and various other media sites and top tier media outlets. With 100% white-label service and the strongest PR network, the company has won the trust of thousands of businesses, startups, and also digital marketing agencies.

Why Linking News?

  • 100% White Label Press Release Distribution Service

If you opt for Linking News, the best press release distribution service, you will be offered 100% white labeled services. Linking News’ brand will not be mentioned in your press release, and they will not publish your press release on their website. This is the biggest advantage for your business.

  • Guaranteed Distribution and Placement 

Linking News guarantees your press releases will be published on top tier media publications like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Bloomberg, Yahoo, USA Today, MarketWatch, and various others.

  • Strongest PR Network

Linking News has the strongest network in the industry, with connections to over 330,000 publications, 900,000 journalists, and 90 million social media influencers around the world.

  • Improve Website SEO

This best press release distribution service helps you in boosting your business ranking after getting backlinks for your website from the top tire news sites.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

When Linking News features your press release on top media sites, it will improve your visibility and credibility and attract new leads to your business.

How does it work?

  • Select your package.
  • Create and then submit your press release to make it distribute over a wide network.
  • See your press release spreading like wildfire.

2.  GlobeNewswire

Manage better press release workflow and get the best results by monitoring, publishing, and measuring the success of your press release at GlobeNewswire. You just require one login to access all the tools of this best service. Some of the top brands, like LG, Spotify, Volvo, and PWC work with GlobeNewswire services for press releases.

Why GlobeNewswire?

  • Real-Time Monitoring

GlobeNewswire keeps you informed with actionable insights about media exposure on various news outlets, print and blog media, and online news.

  • Connect with Media and Influencers

GlobeNewswire database has more than 400,000 reporters, journalists, and social media contacts. This press release distribution service gives you a tailored list of the recommended contacts that are linked to your brand. The service helps you in engaging the right people to your business at the right time.

  • Publish Content with Your Complete Brand Story

The customizable online newsroom that keeps on automatically updating helps in keeping your customers engaged with your press release. You also have the option of using high-resolution pictures and videos to make your content more engaging.

  • Amplify Business By Leveraging Ambassadors

Amplify your content by activating authentic and user-generated content to boost your brand authenticity. You can also integrate your customer’s voice into your website. This will also help in increasing customer engagement and get positive reviews.

  • Measure Your Success

GlobeNewswire’s press release distribution service allows you to view your complete performance. The actionable dashboard gives you tailored insights into the success of your press release. With the detailed demographic and meta data, you will get all the actionable metrics that give you better insights into your conversion rate.

How does it work?

You can experience its working with the free trial. Sign up and make your press release reach a wider customer network.

The common services available in these packages are:

  • Social listening
  • Custom dashboards
  • Online news monitoring
  • Journalist database
  • Brand measurement
  • Easy newsroom builder
  • CMS integration
  • Competitive benchmarking 

3.   PR Newswire

You can successfully achieve your press release communication goals with the press release distribution service of PR Newswire. The service has the largest content distribution network to share your story and make it reach your target as well as new customers.

Why PR Newswire?

  • Strongest Network

With more than 3000 media outlets, 550 news content systems, and 4000 websites, this PR service offers you the best network to distribute your press release. It also includes journalists and an exclusive media-only community that has above 20,000 visitors daily.

  • Optimize Content with Multimedia

Create an engaging content to boost customer attraction by optimizing rich visual content into your press releases. When you distribute your press release with embedded multimedia content, it will help you increase your visibility and engagement three times.

  • Better Insights into Your Performance

PR Newswire services give you actionable insights into your performance reports- visibility and customer engagement data.

  • Earned Media

Sound media coverage helps you in promoting your business to a new level. PR Newswire has the ability to generate more media pickup and connects your brand’s messages with its exclusive media community’s influential journalists.

  • Online Syndication to Attract Viewers

PR Newswire helps you in sharing your content with its online syndication network. This leading network includes prominent names like Yahoo Finance, Reader’s Digest, CNBC, New York Magazine, Newsweek, NewsNow, and Business Journals for attracting more viewers. When you post your press release through PR Newswire it will boost your brand visibility with two times more page views in comparison to the closest competitor.

How does it work?

Request a demo to understand its services. Sign up by filling the required details to distribute your high-quality press release across the trusted content distribution network.


  • State and Local
  • Regional and Top Markets
  • National
  • Select the package as per your requirement to distribute your press release


Press releases are the best way of promoting your business and making it reach across the audiences through wide network groups. But before selecting the press release distribution service, you need to consider certain factors. We have discussed various factors that you need to take into account while selecting the best press release distribution service. Consider all these points and then choose the service that fits your requirements. We have also discussed some of the best press release distribution services to make the selection process easier. 

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