Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana

Ever since some countries and states have legalized marijuana, more and more people start looking for information regarding cannabis. The medical, recreational, and industrial usage of cannabis makes people go for it.

However, everything you read online might not be true. Here are some frequently asked questions about marijuana that you can rely on!

Q. 1 – How many types of cannabis strains are there?

A. There are more than 18,000 cannabis strains in the world. And you can expect many more to come in upcoming years. They are classified into Indica strains, Sativa strains, Ruderalis strains, and Hybrid strains (Crossbreed between Indica, Sativa, or Ruderalis). Further, they can be labeled as Regular, Feminized, and Auto-flowering strains.

Q. 2 – How is marijuana consumed?

A. There are many styles of using cannabis, and each one affects users uniquely. Most people roll it up and smoke like a cigarette (popularly known as a joint) or a cigar (a blunt). Some people also smoke marijuana in a pipe. Sometimes people add it to food and have it or brew it as a tea. 

Smokable oil concentrates and cannabis extracts are getting popular these days. Canna lovers call it ‘dabbing.’

Q. 3 – Can I use marijuana as medicine?

A. The cannabis plant has compounds that may ease with symptoms of some health problems. More and more countries are allowing the use of the plant as a remedy for specific conditions. But there isn’t sufficient research to confirm that the whole plant works to heal or cure these diseases. Because if someone smokes marijuana more often, it can harm your lungs and cardiovascular system.

There are a few medicines that have been made from marijuana. Sativex, Dronabinol / Marinol, and Nabilone / Cesamet are the medicines that doctors prescribe to treat neuropathic pain and nausea and vomiting for patients in cancer treatment.

Q. 4 – Is it safe to buy cannabis seeds online?

A. Yes, many cannabis growers want the best weed strains for their marijuana garden and buy cannabis seeds online for many years. Buying marijuana seeds online is the most popular and simplest way to shop. It’s secure, safe, and quick.

Some expert cannabis growers store a large stash of their favorite strains in the fridge. If you want that too, make sure that the seeds packets stay dry and cool, e.g., in a sealed plastic container.

Q. 5 – Is it possible to overdose or have an adverse reaction to marijuana?

A. There are rare cases where marijuana overdose causes death, but that doesn’t mean it is safe. The symptoms of using too much cannabis are similar to the common effects of using marijuana but more severe. These signs may involve extreme confusion, stress, high blood pressure, paranoia, fear, fast heart rate, illusions or hallucinations, and severe nausea or vomiting.

In some instances, these effects can lead to accidental injuries such as a motor vehicle crash, fall, or poisoning.

Q. 6 – How is consuming cannabis in edibles different from smoking?

A. Because cannabis has tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), there are health risks associated with using pot regardless of how it is used.

Smoke from marijuana carries many of the same contagions, irritants, and carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Smoking weed can lead to a higher risk of cough, bronchitis, and phlegm. Whereas edibles, which take a longer time to digest, require a longer time to create an effect. This may lead to very high doses and end in adverse effects like paranoia, anxiety, and, in some cases, an extreme psychotic feeling.

Q. 7- Is it difficult to grow cannabis at home?

A. No, not at all! Cannabis growing is as easy as growing regular veggies and fruits. You just have to have some basic rules of gardening. Moreover, if you’re new to marijuana cultivation, many seed banks offer cannabis growing guides that will surely help you get going.

Q. 8 – Which strain should I buy if I’m a beginner?

A. The best advice is to do a little research on the strains you want to grow and pick a strain that seems appealing or exciting to you. If you’re still not satisfied, Northern Light is one of the best strains to begin with since it is potent, stays short, quick to harvest. It also has a relatively low smell compared to most other strains.

After reading this post, we hope you feel confident enough to buy cannabis seeds and grow your own cannabis! So what are you waiting for? Grow. Use. Repeat.

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