3 Reasons Why Stanulis Films is a Home Run Investment

The entertainment industry is booming.  From box office hits to record setting streaming services, movies and television entertainment are trending at an all time high.  With such a dramatic increase in home streaming, as well as a desire to be back in the theatres, the industry is thriving as the world returns to normal.

With so many platforms available, coupled with such a broad buffet of content readily available to viewers, today is a great day to be a film producer.  Never before have the opportunities to reach such an audience been so accessible to independent and industry level producers alike, and top producers are certainly making the most of this incredible landscape.

Enter Steve Stanulis, owner and CEO of Stanulis Films.

Many may know Steve Stanulis from his time spent as an A-List celebrity bodyguard, providing his services to those such as Leonardo DiCaprio and hip-hop icon Kanye West.  Many may know Stanulis for his time spent as a former Chippendale.  Some may recognize Stanulis as a decorated former NYPD officer.  With such an extensive resume, including credited work as a professional actor, Stanulis has solidified himself as a reputable name within every industry he has touched.

Stanulis Films is set for the stars.

With such a demand for film entertainment in such a growing and competitive industry, Steve Stanulis truly stands apart from the competition.  We’ve broken down three good reasons why Stanulis Productions should be on your radar for continued success.

1.  Proven Results

Having done so much work within the industry as a bodyguard, actor and performer, Stanulis has begun his own venture with film production.  Stanulis Productions saw immediate success with the feature film Long Shot Louie, bringing home the award for Best Drama at the Williamsburg Film Festival. 

Furthermore, Stanulis Films continued to provide results with productions such as the 2019 documentary Wasted Talent, bringing home yet another award – this time for Best Documentary in New York’s Independent Film Festival. 

Known for his incredible film casting, it is no surprise that Stanulis brought home the award for Best Ensemble Cast and Best Drama in the Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival for his hit 2020 film 5th Borough.

2.  Incredible Work Ethic

It is clear to see from Steve Stanulis’s incredible background and work history that the man takes his commitments very seriously.  From sourcing the best actors to fine tuning every detail of a film’s production, Steve Stanulis cuts no corners.  If Steve Stanulis name is attached to it, you can expect nothing but world class results.

It takes a man of incredible work ethic and unwavering vision to achieve all that Stanulis has accomplished.  An acclaimed actor himself, as seen in many projects such The Sopranos, The Interpreter, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Stanulis certainly knows his way around a film set.  With major celebrities entrusting Stanulis as their bodyguard, you best believe that Stanulis doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting the job done, and you can most certainly expect the same tenacity with his productions. 

Just loop back up to reason number one – The results speak for themselves.

3.  The Time is Now

If the point couldn’t be clearer, today could not be a better time to invest in independent film production.  Viewers are craving content, literally binge watching television shows while eagerly seeking out new films to indulge in.  With streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon becoming so popular, there is no doubt that a production of Steve Stanulis quality and excellence will see nothing but success.  Slated release an array of films over the next couple years, now truly is the time to invest in Stanulis Film Production. 

Don’t wait – get your tickets now and hop on the metaphoric Stanulis Space Ship to Success, because Stanulis Films is about to reach the stars.

For more information on Steve Stanulis and Stanulis Films, visit http://stanulisfilms.com

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