32+ FREE Psychic Readings Online from 100% Legit Advisors

With free psychic readings, you will be no longer worried about your relationships, career, or future. This kind of service will help you connect with only experts having real spiritual skills. They will shed light on your current situation and your life as a whole so that you can yourself better.

To save your time and money, we come up with this article guaranteeing a reliable experience in which you will earn exactly what you’re longing for. Check out all reputable psychic networks and popular features in the following to get the best reading.

  • Kasamba – Best for Psychic Readings with 3 FREE Minutes
  • CaliforniaPsychics – Best for Phone Readings at $1 per minute
  • Oranum – Best Live Chat Readings with 10 FREE Minutes
  • LifeReader – Reliable Reading with Most Legit Psychics

It’s time to rethink about your purpose in life and make better direction!

Discover 4 BEST Psychic Reading Sites

1. Kasamba.com – Get free psychic chat in 3 minutes


  • 3 free minutes in the first reading
  • Different psychic reading methods
  • Experienced, veteran spiritual experts specializing in a variety of areas
  • Kasamba mobile app for Android and iOS

We must say that Kasamba is one of the best free psychic readings online chat out there. Established since 1999, the site has been around in the industry for over two decades. You can easily find plenty of positive reviews and ratings from most customers. For all newcomers, this network also offers amazing offers – the first chat reading with 3 free minutes and money-back guarantee.

Many years of experience have helped Kasamba gain a huge amount of clients. Based on our research and statistics, they’ve served over 4 millions of people. There are various types of readings interpreted via live chat, phone, and email. Available 24/7, you can contact their psychic advisors at any time.

The regular rates start as low as $1.99 per minutes.

Download Kasamba mobile app

Visit Kasamba for unique reading techniques and 3 free minutes.

2. CaliforniaPsychics.com – Real free psychic reading by phone


  • Get psychic readings through telephone
  • Detailed spiritual expert bios
  • Diverse selection of psychic readers
  • The rate is as low as $1 per minute

When it comes to free psychic readings by phone, look no further because CaliforniaPsychics already serves the best things. Of all spiritual sites, they have a relatively rigorous psychic screening process. Aside from background checks, they will ask all applicants to do multiple test readings to make sure their customers get connected to only legit advisors.

While checking psychic reading services at this network, don’t miss out the daily horoscope reading accurate and informative for your zodiac sign. For your first-time reading, CaliforniaPsychics charges only $1 per minute. You also find a special pricing system there; in particular, there are three packages available for purchase: Popular, Preferred, and Premium.

The site features various ranges of expertise and a convenient mobile app for both Android and iOS users.

Call NOW: 1-866-552-3943

Have a reading at CaliforniaPsychics with the low price at $1/min.

3. Oranum.com – Best free psychic readings no credit card


  • Most popular for video chat readings
  • $9.99 as free credits for a 10-minute reading
  • Numerous psychics offering less common services and techniques
  • The site offers many languages aside from English

Oranum is a spiritual community offering a generous introductory offer. When a new visitor comes to this site will get a 10-minute reading for free with any experienced advisor. Our tip here is that you should finish your free trial one or two minutes before 10 minutes run out; otherwise, they will charge subsequent minutes at the original rate without discount.

To earn free 10 minutes, you must register as soon as accessing the homepage. Once completed, Oranum will transfer $9.99 free credits to your account which later can be used to exchange for a free trial reading in 10 minutes.

Available 24/7 in different time zones, you can contact any psychic expert that you like easily. Learn about your reader by entering their profile page; you will figure out how highly rated they are, what languages they speak, and which specialty they are in charge of. You also know whether or not the reader is available.

Sign up for $9.99 FREE credits at Oranum from TODAY.

4. LifeReader.com – Legit free medium reading in 4 minutes


  • 50% OFF and $0.19 per minute for the first phone reading
  • 50% OFF and 4 free chat minutes with every reader online
  • Psychic readings will be delivered via text chat or voice call
  • Thorough psychic screening process

Come to LifeReader and instantly receive precise answers for your current situation from all types of psychics. The session at this site makes sure everything including your info is private, secure, and anonymous. Whether it’s about love, career or finances, LifeReader experts guarantee to guide you through the tough moments and to help you regain the harmony and happiness in life. All of them are hand selected and need to pass the rigorous screening process, so you don’t have to worry about their quality and authenticity.

The site also makes it available for you to read previous customers’ reviews as well as to see their ratings. The specialists on LifeReader are categorized into various fields; fortunately, the filtering feature helps the searching process easier.

Register for a free account and take advantage of LifeReader introductory offers for both chat readings and phone services. In addition, download the app to get a free medium reading conveniently.

Get 4 free chat minutes + a discount up to 50% OFF.

A Glimpse at 7 Types of Free Psychics

Though you easily have trust issues with some services asking you to pay first, free psychic readings sound too good to be true. Of course not all are reliable; however, spend time on researching and you will discover plenty of trustworthy networks having introductory offers or free trials in which you can connect to legit spiritual experts without costing a penny.

Here we already did the work for you, so quickly check the following guide in order to know how to find the best psychic reading for your own.

Let’s continue discussing different types of free readings and a huge list of free psychics now…

There are 7 sections to free readings:

  • Free readings with professional psychic experts
  • Free chat readings online
  • 100% free psychic readings by phone
  • Free live video readings in real time
  • Free readings by email
  • Free readings on app
  • Free psychic readings on social media

Free Readings with Professional Psychic Experts

Also known as free trials, this is the most common kind of free readings popular amongst psychic reading enthusiasts. You can ask for this service via app, online chat or over the phone; there are some websites offering free minutes by email. We’ve tested all special promotions from the networks above to see if they’re truly authentic, and the results are pretty satisfying.

The system will give you a notice 30 seconds before your free trial runs out of time. This means they won’t charge any fee additionally as long as you end the reading within free minutes.

Most people make use of free readings with professional psychic experts to ask a free question, especially to determine the legitimacy of your chosen reader and how profound their service is.

Free Chat Readings Online

A large number of psychic networks nowadays offer free chat readings online because it’s the most comfortable and convenient way. A live psychic chat is primarily conducted through the internet, and you’ll get at least three free minutes to ask the reader one question you really need the answer.

100% Free Psychic Readings by Phone

Some don’t think free psychic readings online chat reliable enough, so they ask for the assistance from 100% free psychic readings by phone. Hearing the psychic advisor’s voice makes them more rest assured.

In this case, I highly recommend you to try out your first phone reading at Kasamba or CaliforniaPsychics. The spiritual experts from both places are intuitive and able to tap into your energy from afar and provide accurate readings.

Free Live Video Readings in Real Time

If you need more than just a text chat and a phone session, then don’t hesitate to try out free live video readings in real time. This is exactly like you make a video call for a close friend. The friendly atmosphere will help the reader build a better connection with you and increase the accuracy rate to the reading.

Oranum is best known for their amazing live video chat readings; you can talk to all intuitive and gifted psychics from all over the world.

Free Readings by Email

A few of us have not much time for a full length reading by chat or phone; hence, a session via email is a great option. Some networks offer free readings by email in which you can send one inquiry to the reader you feel drawn the most.

Sit on the sofa, type your free question, and receive the answer at the time…what can be more helpful that this?

Free Readings on App

These days you can easily discover a variety of fun and free apps that provide readings in different topics (love life, relationships, career, etc.) with just a click. Not provided by real psychics, some apps predicting your fortune or horoscope will let you use the service for free. The main purpose of these apps is simply giving you a quick answer and a fun experience.

Of course not all are for fun only; all 4 psychic sites above do have mobile versions available on both Google Play and App Store. With these apps, users can connect to authentic readers without using browsers.

Free Psychic Readings on Social Media

Sometimes psychics will do live streams via their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and so on). They come up with some surprises like giving free readings for the first 5 viewers, for example. This is a way to attract more customers and promote their service. You should follow groups about psychic readings on Facebook and frequently check the hashtag #.freepsychicreadings on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter for chances winning this offer.

If compared to a live session, then this type of reading is less genuine.

Choose yourself the best psychic reading…!

With that overview about free psychics, now let’s move to our long list of free readings.

Where to Get Free Readings Online?

Free Trial Readings by Top Psychic Readers

In the first list, we’re going to inform you all psychic websites offering a free trial as their special promotion for new clients. To use their free minutes, you need a free account and a credit card. Like we mentioned above, you will receive a notice or hear a beep sound reminding that the trial session is over. If you stop before, then you won’t cost anything.

Access all the sites below and you will get connected to only top psychic readers with great abilities and many years of experience.

1. Kasamba (FREE 3 minutes)

Over 20 years in the psychic reading industry, Kasamba is the home of genuine, gifted spiritual advisors from all over the globe. Reputable and popular, this site is worth your visit not only because of their special offer but also because of the accuracy of their services.

2. Oranum (FREE 10 minutes)

You will receive $9.99 free credits after the registration process. Exchange that for one free 10-minute reading and go find a psychic most compatible with you. Oranum has a huge collection of real, sincere readers who perform spiritual sessions related to a variety of topics through webcam.

3. LifeReader (FREE 4 minutes)

If you plan to get the first chat reading at LifeReader, then you will gain 4 free minutes as soon as having an account. This network is really good at future predictions, tarot readings, and readings for love relationships. All psychic experts are hand selected; that’s why the way the convey messages are direct and honest.

4. KEEN (FREE 3 minutes)

Like Kasamba, KEEN also has more than 20 years of experience in providing psychic readings to thousands of clients worldwide. You can choose to either call or chat with your favorite advisor. With 3 free minutes, pick one question you crave for the answer to ask them.

5. Psychic Oz (FREE 3 minutes)

This site may sound unfamiliar to some, but actually you can easily talk to top rated psychics anytime. Offering a free trial to new visitors only, you should take advantage of this and ask about what you want to know.

6. Mystic Sense (FREE 5 minutes)

Mystic Sense gives you 5 free minutes in the first session with every psychic. This is a small website with a group of 150 talented readers. To know of they are online or not, you should check two color (green and orange) buttons beneath their profile.

100% Free Psychic Reading by Phone

1. CaliforniaPsychics

Though CaliforniaPsychics does not offer you free minutes, they have special pricing packages that can help you save much money for a full length or longer reading over the phone. There are three levels of rates for selection: Popular ($1 per minute), Preferred ($2 per minute), and Premium ($4 per minute). This site allows you to make an appointment or request a callback.

2. Other sites

Still many other networks mentioned above provide the phone reading service including Kasamba, LifeReader, and KEEN.

In case of LifeReader, first-time customers will get a discount up to 50% OFF in the first call. Most greatly, you’re only charged a very low price: $0.19 per minute. How to use this service? All you need is to sign up with your phone number.

Register a phone reading from Kasamba TODAY

Psychic Readings for Free on App and SNS

Free Reading with Top Fortune Tellers

1. Twin Flame Psychic

At Twin Flame Psychic, most audiences will obtain a free psychic reading online no fee using tarot. The system will analyze and interpret the cards by doing the three card spread. Once entering the site or app, you have to draw out three cards and wait for the explanation.

The interpretation of this tarot reading can give you insights into your current circumstance or any aspect in life (love, career, future, and more).

2. Psychic Medium Queen

If you look for a place delivering weekly predictions, take your time to visit Psychic Media Queen. Also utilizing tarot cards, they can help you answer all kinds of questions, from generally to particularly. As soon as you see the homepage, quickly select one card and read the explanation of how significance it is.

The app additionally adds further messages and predictions in case you need.

3. All Astrology

This is the best astrology site on social media for beginners. Each time visit, you will gain free daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly predictions based on your zodiac signs. Moreover, they create their own tailor-made video discussing on how the cosmos energy can change various facets of one’s life.

4. The Pet Psychic

Please take note that The Pet Psychic doesn’t provide free psychic readings; however, she did share lots of videos of her work on Youtube. Before purchasing a session from this professional, you need to follow her channel and watch all the examples to get to know and understand her skills better.

Contact via phone or Skype to use her service.

5. Barbs Psychic Readings

What is special at Barbs Psychic Readings?

Barbs the psychic advisor will give you a free psychic reading online regarding different issues, from love, family, marriage, to career, health, and future. You should prepare a list of questions beforehand; in case you luckily win a free session from her, send her the list and she will choose some to analyze during that period.

This expert usually holds this special event on every Monday (6AM New York time).

Free Accurate Horoscope Readings

6. Horozo

This is a simple website where you can find daily horoscopes, one card or three card tarot readings, and personality tests. Of course, all services and features are free!

7. Zodiac Fire

If you love reading horoscopes’ predictions, then you surely know this site. With a click and you will find free personalized zodiac readings for all signs. The messages are interpreted in a fun yet honest way.

8. Astrology Answers

The site keeps updating tarot card readings and daily horoscopes for free every day.

9. AstroWin

This is the favorable free astrology software of most astrology lovers. For both PC and Android users, AstroWin can be downloaded and installed easily. You will find astrology and numerology charts and other helpful tools once logging in. Guess what? It also includes courses about spiritual astrology.

10. CafeAstrology

With CafeAstrology, all the users will receive free astrology reports, birth chart natal interpretations, and planetary points based on the birth date. In addition, this site allows you to create and customize your own chart.

11. Astrology.com

If you search for another site offering free astrology reports, then take a look at this classic place. Simply enter your birth date and earn a free birth chart reading. Or, you can choose one yes or no tarot card and get spot on advice. For love compatibility, please select both your sign and your love interest’s sign to see whether or not you are compatible.

Free Readings with Tarot Cards

12. 7Tarot

Once entering this platform, you will experience a real daily tarot card reading. Choose the type of spread, the number of cards, and the topic you want to learn more about. 7Tarot is an interactive site well-known among tarot lovers.

13. Tarot Moon

Have any problem with your love life? If any question is confusing, access Tarot Moon for instant answers. For a free daily tarot reading, all you need to do is shuffling and drawing the cards. The deepest meanings will help you find the best solution for your relationship.

14. Visual Tarot

The app has a classic yet professional design offering a lot of cool features. The settings are also customizable. Feel free to explore free tarot readings with oracle cards in Visual Tarot.

15. Free-Tarot-Reading.net

As soon as entering the website, you just have to tap the ‘Shuffle the Cards’ button to gain a quick tarot reading without wasting time and penny.

16. Tarot Goddess

What will you find in this platform? Well, like other apps, free daily tarot and oracle readings in Tarot Goddess will unveil secrets hidden in your birth chart. Knowing your date of birth, the site will give information about you past, present, and future. A tarot reading can shed a light on your true love and other facets.

17. EzTarot

Want to learn deeper about tarot cards and read the meaning better? Well, EzTarot is one of most appropriate options. The site has a free tarot guide online that helps visitors understand the secrets behind each tarot card better.

18. Salem Tarot

There are lots of features can be found at Salem Tarot including 3-card and 10-card readings, phone readings about many different topics, and so on.

19. Master Horoscope

Master Horoscope introduces some simple ways to help one know how tarot cards work. Depend on the meaning of each card; you will gain accurate insights into your circumstance at the moment.

20. EvaTarot

Come to EvaTarot and receive future predictions of your life from some chosen tarot cards. This site offers free tarot card readings in which you must shuffle and cut the deck and pick out the required number of cards.

21. Next Tarot

There are plenty of free tarot spreads online to choose from. Consider the matter you are coping with right at the moment and make the right decision.

Just one click away and you will gain insights about your future.

In Conclusion

In the modern days, free online psychic readings instant have great appeal to a lot of people. One session with a genuine spiritual advisor will bring lots of benefits; therefore, finding the right service is extremely significant.

Hope that our full guide here can help you understand this spiritual service better!

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