4 BEST Fortune Teller Sites for True Predictions (CHECK NOW)

Wondering what the future has in store for you?

If you want to gain free fortune teller predictions and answers, a fortune telling reading is everything you need. The genuine guidance from online fortune teller will give you clarity and help making better decisions in life. Whether it’s about your love life, career, finances or anything else, you will surely feel happier and more delighted.

Where should you look for when it comes to getting the most accurate fortune teller online? How to not become a victim of scams? Nowadays we encounter frauds more than real, authentic spiritual advisors.

Knowing your worry, Cathoshin us comes up with a list of best psychic networks for fortune telling readings. In order to save your time and energy, we’ve tested some well-known sites to see which ones are real. Not that all are awful, below are my top recommended places offering spiritual services.

  • Kasamba: Best for Fortune Telling Readings (3 FREE minutes + 100% refund)
  • CaliforniaPsychics: Best for Affordable Psychic Readings (only $1 per minute)
  • Oranum: Best for Live Video Readings ($9.99 FREE credits)
  • LifeReader: Best for Moderate Sign up Offers (4 FREE chat minutes)

Where to Find Best FREE Fortune Teller?

#1: Kasamba – Most Accurate Fortune Teller Online

Special introductory offer: FREE 3 minutes + 100% satisfaction guarantee

Founded in 1999, Kasamba has become one of the most popular sites for authentic and accurate fortune tellers of the 21st century. The profile of every advisor is clear and informative; all display on the homepage to promote their services and pricing. Customers can directly use both web browsers and mobile app to rate or discuss their work.

Over 20 years of providing spiritual services worldwide, Kasamba is a top choice when it comes to various types of readings, especially fortune telling. Available 24/7, their psychic experts can serve you at any time of a day.

Compared to other places, Kasamba has a reasonable pricing rate. New clients will have to pay only $2.50 per minute aside from the free minutes in the first reading. A typical session is charged regularly at $4.99/min.

Key features:

  • Free 3 minutes with each new advisor
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Fortune telling readings via online chat, phone, and email
  • A huge collection of psychic advisors for selection
  • Mobile app for on-the-go services

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#2: CaliforniaPsychics – Best Pricing Package for Fortune Tellers

Special introductory offer: $1/min. in the 1st reading

CaliforniaPsychics may not have as many spiritual advisors as Kasamba, but no one can doubt the authenticity and genuineness of their experts. Based on the ranks, all are trusted and highly experienced in delivering psychic readings, making this network one of the best options for fortune teller online.

There are three primary pricing packages provided at CaliforniaPsychics: popular experts ($1 per minute), preferred experts ($2 per minute), and premium experts ($4 per minute). These rates are the special introductory offer for first-time clients. The hierarchically pricing system is determined by psychics’ levels of ability and knowledge.

For regular visitors, the cheapest price for a session on CaliforniaPsychics is $4/minute, while the ones with more skills will charge $18/ minute.

Access CaliforniaPsychics and you can talk to their fortune tellers about different topics through phone or via the direct chat on mobile app.

Key features:

  • The pricing rate is as low as $1 per minute
  • Various ways to contact a fortune teller: online chat, call, and call back
  • A feature to make schedules to talk with preferred advisors
  • Mobile app for both Android and iOS users
  • Customer care is convenient and available 24/7

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#3: Oranum – Best Live Chat Fortune Telling Readings

Special introductory offer: $9.99 free credits + 10 free chat minutes

Considered as the cheapest psychic network, Oranum is a popular option among online users. Covering lots of topics, from astrology to numerology, tarot, dream interpretation, and more, this site will give you insight and clarity into any matter bothering you at the moment.

What I like the most from Oranum is that the registration process is free and new customers even receive $9.99 free credits in the account. That special offer can be used for a free fortune teller chat in 10 minutes. Sounds awesome, right?

For a glimpse into the future, you’re suggested trying a reading with an Oranum fortune teller online. With the genuine guidance and insights, you will know in advance which opportunity is awaiting you in both personal life and professional life. In addition, there’s a large collection of psychic readers categorized into many different specialties to help one solve any problem.

Like CaliforniaPsychics, this spiritual community also serves credits in three main packages: in-depth readings ($27.99 credits), awakened readings ($67.99 credits), and cosmic readings ($97.99 credits).

Key features:

  • The best live video chat reading
  • Free $9.99 credits that can be converted for 10 free chat minutes
  • Talk with psychics via the chat box before using a free session
  • The site has different languages for non-English speaking visitors
  • Customer service chat is available 24/7

Get future readings via chat, call, and email now!

#4: LifeReader – Most Affordable Fortune Teller Offers

Special introductory offer: 4 free chat minutes

Looking for a psychic site providing highly affordable readings online? The last name on this list is LifeReader, a good choice for both first-time visitors and regular clients. Not only fortune tellers, you can obtain immediate answers from spiritual healers, astrologers, tarot readers, and so on.

All the LifeReader psychic readers are selected and screened rigorously and regularly receive tests to make sure their services are legitimate and intuitive. Carefully read the reviews of other users to find a right fortune teller wisely. Open your mind and heart and you’ll realize their guidance will bring harmony and happiness to your life.

Another reason LifeReader is common with the most people is because their fortune telling session focus on other different topics.

The average pricing rate of this site often starts at $5 per minute for individuals getting the service before. Fortunately, they still can charge it with a low price: $3.50.

Key features:

  • Free 4 minutes chat with preferred fortune tellers
  • 50% OFF and a low pricing rate at $0.19 per min for first-time clients
  • Talk to a fortune teller via voice call or text chat
  • Conversations with LifeReader readers are private, secure, and anonymous
  • Mobile app for quick, convenient services is available

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Essential Things to Know about Fortune Teller

1. What is fortune telling?

For centuries, people have always been interested in figuring out the future ahead, whether it’s general or on the personal level. Fortune telling is the practice in which the fortune teller will reveal a glimpse of one’s future life. There are many different approaches to make future predictions, such as astrology, tarot cards, tea leaves, etc.

Some spiritual experts don’t take advantage of divination tools; instead, they connect with the Spirit Guides through channeling.

Well, fortune calculators on the internet are just for entertainment purposes. If you want something much real and authentic, consider all top picks above about best fortune teller online if you are in need of getting some questions answered.

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2. Who is fortune teller?

Fortune teller is the person performing the process of telling someone’s future using the extraordinary gift or divine powers. They are granted with the ability of forecasting the future ahead, meaning they know what will occur in upcoming days or weeks. By having clarity about that, they can have good preparation and make better decisions.

A reading with fortune teller about my love life will give valid predictions regarding to your relationships in the future, both personal and professional details. As a gifted individual, they possess some divine, incredible power to foresee how things will turn out.

They usually make use of a variety of different divination ways to predict the future, such as spiritual readings, palm readings, tarot readings, crystal ball, and more.

If you’re searching for a legit, trustworthy fortune teller, simply take a look at our recommended psychic networks above and choose the place you feel most suitable to your needs. Aside from fortune telling readings, you can also find other types of readings that your current situation is in need of.

Don’t ignore the special offer to get free predictions and answers.

3. Is fortune telling real?

We must say this is the question that everyone needs an answer.

In fact, please keep in mind that fortune telling is for entertainment purposes. Not necessarily factual, future predictions are supposed to be fun and satisfy your curiosity; thus, you shouldn’t take it too serious.

Well it doesn’t mean there’s no truth with fortune telling. However, no one can guarantee 100% that all the predictions for your future are absolutely accurate. Rather than believing it blindly, you need to be rational.

In case of fortune tellers online, the core of their service is to provide guidance on what you should do to better your life. The whole information is based mainly on their particular perspective and experience. Therefore, please don’t completely take anything they say as definite truths.

Think of their words as wise suggestions instead!

For a quality reading with a fortune teller, check out the following tips below before purchasing an in-depth session:

Do your research

The first thing is to make research cautiously about the psychic site and service you want to use. Try to read as many reviews as possible regarding to both websites and psychics. This is a very important step!

You should not ignore doing the research just because it’s legit. Nothing is perfect 100%, so scammers always have ways to break through the barrier and swindle your money if you are too careless. Reading reviews of verified customers about each fortune teller is the simplest way to stay away from frauds.

Moreover, by doing this, the higher chance you will encounter the right advisor for your first-time reading.

Be honest with your fortune teller

Don’t bombard your fortune teller with tons of questions in your mind as soon as the session starts. Instead, let them take the lead and answer their questions honestly. Focus on the main points and try not adding unnecessary information. If you think you haven’t given them enough details, then ask the expert whether it’s okay if you delve more about your circumstance.

If they agree, then freely provide more specifics. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t go too far to what question requires.

Listen attentively

During the session, you need to listen to what your fortune teller is saying attentively for clues or hidden guidance. Things they offer in a reading can be applied to your life on a daily basis as solutions.

Have trust in yourself

No matter what kind of spiritual reading you receive, the key for a success is confidence.

Some of you may have no experience in having a reading with fortune tellers, but it’s significant to trust your intuition and be confident in yourself. Each person has free will; thus, take advantage of it to decipher suggestion and make sensible decisions.

Final Words

A talk to a fortune teller online for free can be helpful and precise, especially to individuals seeking quick answers about the future. No risk at all, this type of service delivered by top psychic networks is reliable and believed to assist you at certain times.

Now, with just a click, you can easily connect to your favorite fortune teller. Accurate and effective, online fortune teller really works and is just beneficial.

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