4 COVID-19 Safety Tips You Should Know When Cycling

Even as countries are beginning the slow path towards a post-coronavirus recovery, extra caution is still needed as positive cases continue to mount. Aside from following health standards prescribed by the Word Health Organization (WHO), governments across the world are encouraging commuters to avoid mass transportation and, instead, travel by bike.

This won’t be a problem for avid cyclists, but the chances of getting infected by the virus is still very high. If you are thinking of biking to work, you need to follow a few simple rules for staying safe during this time of crisis.

Here are some of the best tips for staying safe on two wheels.

1. Wear a face mask

A face mask is a mandatory requirement in most places these days, and you need to choose one that provides extra protection without sacrificing comfort. For this, make sure it’s made from breathable material. Opt for a brand that has a nose wire and adjustable loops so it stays secure no matter how fast you go. Wearing the right type of mask should help keep you and other people safe from infection, especially if you plan on visiting numerous places all in one day.  

2. Avoid riding in groups 

While the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus is very low if you ride a bike, you still need to follow social distancing rules. As much as possible, you might want to set aside your plan for a group ride and go solo instead. However, if you can’t resist the urge to be among other riders, try to maintain a distance of at least a meter from each other while riding. 

3. Monitor your health

When it comes to knowing if you have COVID-19 or not, it’s always better safe than sorry. That being said, it’s important to check yourself for any signs and symptoms of infection. If you haven’t been tested yet, be sure to undergo self-quarantine until you are given the all clear. Then again, the risk is still there so it pays to be very observant with what you are feeling. Before you head out, take your temperature and check whether you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19. 

4. Don’t ignore traffic safety

For sure, it’s not only COVID-19 you should be worried about. There are other dangers that you need to be aware of when you are traveling by bike. Road accidents are a perennial danger, so following traffic rules should be a given. In case you get into an accident, Tinker law firm suggests calling a personal injury attorney who can help you hold someone liable. 

Never let your guard down in this time of crisis. You can’t be too careful outside when you can’t see the danger that lurks in our midst. With a little extra vigilance, you can make the most out of the situation and enjoy the best of what the outside world has to offer after a good three months of being under lockdown.

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