4 Tips for Using CBD to Get Better Sleep

One of the many health benefits of CBD that has been discovered by research is its ability to help people get better sleep. Sleep deprivation is something that affects an estimated one out of every three adults in America, according to the CDC. This is something that the added stress and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated.

Sleep is also very important to our overall physical and mental health. People who are sleep deprived are at risk for gaining weight, being more anxious or depressed, and developing issues like heart disease and diabetes. If you want to try using CBD to improve your sleep, use these four tips to make sure you get the most out of it.

#1) Take It One Hour Before Bedtime

CBD helps you sleep in three ways:

  • Reduces pain
  • Relaxes your mind and muscles 
  • Regulates your circadian rhythm 

However, all of these take time to happen. When you take CBD, you will not feel the above instantly, even if you take the strongest CBD oils on the market. For the best effects, take the CBD an hour before your bedtime. That will be enough time for it to work through your system so that by the time you are ready for sleep, it’s in full effect.

#2) Combine It With Other Sleep Aids

One benefit of CBD as a health supplement is that it can be combined safely with many other sleep supplements or medications, including melatonin, magnesium, and chamomile. If falling asleep is a major problem for you, you can always try using them together. You can often find sleep aids that combine the two for you. The one caveat is that CBD can interact poorly with some prescription medications. If you are taking any prescriptions, including for sleep disorders, make sure you check with your doctor before trying CBD to make sure it is safe.

#3) Try CBD Tea

You can get tea that combines CBD with other ingredients that can help you sleep. This includes chamomile or other natural ingredients, like those listed above. In addition, tea can be naturally relaxing. The heat it gives off has a soothing effect that helps you relax mentally and physically. 

#4) Give It a Month

The last tip is that it takes time to really see the benefits of CBD, and it works better when you are taking it on a regular basis. If you try it one night and don’t feel dramatic results, just give it time. After taking it before bed for a month, it is a lot easier to look back and realize just how much better you have been sleeping compared to before. 

CBD can be an effective supplement to help you improve your sleep. It is safe and easy to use, and when you use the above tips you should see just how much more rested you feel over time. Soon you’ll be telling all your friends and family your secrets.

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