4 Unique Treats Your Cat Will Love

Cats usually eat throughout the day. Apart from the meals in the afternoon and at night, you need to prepare treats to satisfy their hunger almost every hour. That brings a crucial question into the mix: what type of treat is healthy for your cat? You can’t just rely on cat biscuits all the time. Instead, try surprising your furry little pet with something that she would love immediately. Here are a few c that you can make for your cat:

1. Oven-roasted chicken treats

Oven-roasted chicken treats are an excellent blend of vitamins and nutrients, giving your cat an extra boost for her oral health. In addition to nutritional and digestive requirements, you should also take care of your cat’s teeth. And this type of treat keeps your cat’s teeth clean. Vets say that healthy teeth lead to a healthy heart in cats. That means there will be lower risks of heart diseases, enabling your cat to lead a healthy life for years.

2. Soft and crunchy chicken treats

There’s no better way to keep your cat satisfied than chicken treats. Cats love anything that’s got to do with chicken. And soft, crunchy chicken treats will keep them full for hours. Most importantly, these cost-effective treats are available in large quantities at a reasonable price. You don’t have to think of coming up with new treats every day. These treats offer better nutrition, and even just a few pieces should be enough to suffice your cat’s frequent hunger pangs.

3. Low-phosphorus treats

It’s heartbreaking to see your cat sick. If you don’t feed her properly, her health may deteriorate further. And in such situations, most vets recommend giving cats low-phosphorus treats. If you see your cat with symptoms, such as vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite, increased urination, and diarrhea, it indicates chronic kidney disease. While phosphorus helps to support cats’ teeth and bones, you should avoid it if your cat has a kidney issue. Phosphorus builds up as a waste product in the kidney, leading to further complications.

But with low-phosphorus treats, you are allowing your cat’s body to balance its phosphorus levels and keep the kidney from processing excess waste materials. If you wonder where you will get low-phosphorus treats, you can visit here for some of the tastiest treats that improve your cat’s kidney condition.

4. Freeze-dried cat treats

Freeze-dried cat treats don’t come with artificial preservatives, making them a safe option for felines. And the best part is you get tons of different flavors, such as ahi tuna, chicken giblets, and minnows. These treats are usually gluten-free. Therefore, it’s the best treat for cats with a sensitive digestive system

Cat owners need to keep various factors in mind when they choose treats for feline pets. The four types of treats mentioned above are not just healthy but also taste unique. Your cat will want to eat them every day, but make sure you keep changing the treats to maintain the element of surprise.

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