5 Best Dating Sites in the USA: Top Websites to Find a Relationship and Love Online

For the first time in history, the majority of US couples getting married today have met using online dating sites or apps.

You can thank the power of science-based matching systems that connect compatible users based on their answers to personality questions. In other words, these systems use the data you input to scour through the database searching for people who have things in common.

For this article, we will go over the most advanced dating sites that have the highest success rates of matching couples.

Here are the top dating sites in the US right now:

#1 – eHarmony – best site for finding long term relationships

You probably remember eHarmony from their daily TV commercials. They would promise you would meet someone you are compatible within no time. The system sifts through potential matches according to pieces of information like zodiac signs, likes and dislikes, characteristics, and other important factors that would make two people compatible. The demographic of people using EHarmony span from 20-year-olds to 60-year-olds, so there is a wide range of potentials to choose.

• Comprehensive matchmaking algorithm proved to match compatible people with one another

• Almost a 50/50 gender split of registered users (51% men/49% of women)

• 2 million connections happening daily

• US surveys determined this is the world’s #1 dating site

#2 – Match – largest online dating site in the US

Match.com is one of the oldest dating websites on the net operating since 1995. The system spool users based on the data they input and created compatible matches.

When first signing up, you are asked a series of questions that are then used for this sole purpose. Both parties will decide if they want to talk with each other after the connection is established. Many of the profiles are detailed. Therefore, you can use their profile to learn everything possible about the person before meeting. Because of the age of the site, many of the registered members are middle-aged. A list of dating and online safety tips articles show that the staff cares about your well-being. They understand the potential dangers of online dating and pass that knowledge along to the masses. Many dating sites do not have this feature.

• 8+ million users

• Most users are looking for a romantic relationship

#3 – Friend Finder – best site for flings

FriendFinder.com is a personals site that is good for finding casual encounters and flings.  In 2020 the site reported that it has approximately 8+ million active members on the site. 

It has become a go-to alternative for craigslist personals, the traditional personals dating site which is no longer available.  When i tested out the site i found lots of real people looking for someone to have a romantic tryst with. FriendFinder has both a free and paid option, the paid option lets you send unlimited messages while the free version limits your messages.

• Flirt mode

• Digital gift-giving

• Free membership and Gold status upgrade

#4 – Bumble – best dating app for relationships

The Bumble app gives the power to women choosing who they want to match. This app uses a matching system, but only the woman can make the first contact before the man responds. The entire system is easy for both parties to use. Download the Android or iOS app, upload your real picture which will be verified, and start connecting.

• Positive community of people

• Almost equal split of male and female users

#5 – Hinge – best new dating app

Hinge is a professional dating site as it attracts a different type of user who generally not looking for one-night-stands. Users on this site will have no problem showing themselves, posting pictures about their lifestyle, and talking about their occupations. Many dating hookup sites in the USA are used to meet someone for sex, but this app focuses on providing a space for people who looking for long-term commitments.

• Simple app with easy use

• Young population of users

#6 – OkCupid

The OkCupid dating site attracts millennials who are looking for something more than sex and play. They have to answer a list of long drawn-out questions like they are taking an exam in school before the profile is created. Many users are real people, and a small number of bots pollute the website.

• LGBTQ positive

• Detailed “getting to know you” system

#7 – Tinder

Tinder is a dating website where people generally match quickly to meet for sex. The Tinder app will show a selection of people in your area. You can swipe right to accept communications from them or swipe the left to reject. If both people swipe right on each other photo, they will connect instantly.

• App for Android and iOS

• 57 million registered users in the USA and beyond

• Designed for local dating and short-term hookups

How easy is it to find relationships on these sites?

Dating sites have a bad reputation of only being a meetup spot for sex. There are plenty of people who want more than a one-night-stand. You find this information on the person’s profile. If they say they are looking for something more, it’s best to believe them. Though people lie on dating websites all the time, you have to go by the info they put on their profiles and evaluate their actions in person. People will tip their hands and expose themselves eventually.

How to stay safe on dating sites

According to loveflutter.com, one way of staying safe on a dating site is to avoid jumping in the boat so quickly. If someone is quick to meet ask yourself why. What ulterior motive or angle might they have? Do they want sex on the first date or is there something more sinister they are pursuing? Asking these questions could literally save your life. Chat with the person for a while and truly get to know them. Resist the urge to apply your fantasies and draw a picture of them, instead accept them for who they are. One major rule that should be second nature is to meet in a public place until you feel comfortable going private.

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