5 Reasons to Invest in Quality E-Liquids

When it comes to vaping safety, a lot of time is dedicated to vaping devices. And that makes sense — any compact device that packs a battery and heats up to create vapor can be dangerous if it’s poorly made. And the internet is filled with horror stories of vaping devices melting, exploding, or doing both in quick succession.

However, if you want to vape safely, your e-liquid of choice is also very important. In fact, it may be more important than your vaping device. After all, if your device is overheating, you’ll notice it right away, and most people are smart enough to stop using a device that looks iffy. But if your e-liquid is made from cheap ingredients or those that should never be used in e-liquids, you may not notice right away.

With that in mind, let’s take a look into why it is better to invest in quality e-liquids, even if they are a little pricier.

1 – Quality control

You get what you pay for, and doing proper quality control costs money. Making sure your products are tested and certified by the various US safety agencies also costs money. This is why many no-brand manufacturers of cheap e-liquids do their best to cut these corners.

Investing in something high quality is the best way to make sure your e-liquid has no contaminants. Try checking the manufacturer’s website before you buy their product — see what kind of testing and safety precautions they employ when making their products. If you live in the EU, for example, you should look for vape juices that are TPD compliant.

2 – Ingredient quality

One of the ways no-brand e-liquid manufacturers cut costs is by using low-quality ingredients. This could mean products that weren’t meant to be used in vaping liquids, or that come from less than stellar sources. Lower-grade nicotine and flavorings can not only be dangerous but can also make for an overall less pleasurable vaping experience.

3 – Production environment

Labs that make e-liquids need to be properly clean and follow the correct codes and regulations. Otherwise, you may end up with an e-liquid that has contaminants, and you don’t want unknown contaminants making their way into your lungs. This is why it’s important to use only vape juices that are made inside of cleanroom facilities that adhere to proper safety guidelines.

4 – Smell and flavor

Cheap e-liquids can taste like the cheap candy you find in convenience stores and can smell just as cheap. The flavors may taste okay to some, but it’s not a premium vaping experience. You can get a lot more out of vaping if you are willing to pay a little extra for the privilege of using premium e-liquids. Make sure you try high-quality e-juices at least once — you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes.

5 – Customer support

You get more than just a product when you buy from an established brand — you gain access to their entire infrastructure. This means you can count on their customer support to be available and helpful if something goes wrong with your product.

This could be something as small as helping you get a refund if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. Or it could mean getting help with something more serious, like helping you figure out whether a given symptom might have been caused by what you’ve been vaping. Either way, it’s a lot easier to get helpful responses when you are dealing with high-end brands and products.

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