5 Services That Fire Watch Guards Provide to Companies and Businesses

The best way to protect your business from possible fire outbreaks is by using a fire alarm system/sprinkler. But what if one day it unexpectedly breaks? A broken fire alarm will then become a threat to many lives, including your hard-earned investments. Even so, a working fire alarm won’t be able to detect a fire hazard. For that purpose, you need a fire watch guard.

Just make sure to look for NFPA compliant fire watch Services Company. The National Fire Protection Association or the NFPA, is a self-funded NGO established in 1986; it exists to reduce or eliminate death, injuries, property, and economic losses caused by fire. Many will ask, what do professional fire guards do? 

Fireguards are well-trained individuals that are specifically trained to prevent fires and any fire hazard they see on a property. Fire Watch Services include patrolling to secure the area from fire threats 24/7, identifying hazards, compiling data,  and information relevant to fire risk, and checking for fire monitoring equipment, functionality, and condition. They are fast and reliable. Here are some of their services that companies should take note off:

Help Find Fire Hazards

The fire watch security service assumes responsibility for business and property owners to protect it from the event of fire threats. Their task is to check the area and look for conditions that raise the fire risk and find ways to resolve it before actual fire outbreaks occur. That is one of the main reasons why fire watch security guards are essential to prevent fire outbreaks.

Prevents Fire Outbreak

Given the fact that fire service guards prevent fire outbreak, their task is also to ensure and provide prevention of fire risk, casualties, and reporting if any fire accidents at the premises occur. Indeed, Fire systems provide identification and warning in the event of a fire. 

But what will happen if it suddenly stops working? Fire watch security service must keep the area safe. They must keep the site safe until the fire system is operational. Fire system can be either a fire alarm system or sprinkler system.

  • Broken Fire Alarm System – If a commercial property has not yet installed a fire alarm system or is being repaired or replaced, municipal regulations mandate watchkeeping on-site until the system is fully operational.
  • Broken Sprinkler – If the property depends on a sprinkler system, water supply interruption can hinder its performance. It might be appropriate to have a fireguard and protect the property and its inhabitants until the water system works.

Patrol the Area

While the fire system is not working, fire watch security guards patrol the area. They also keep an eye on possible fire hazards while on patrol or maintaining its post. That may involve odd sparks or heat from electrical equipment, or near heat storage of fuel and flammable objects. It also involves visually checking fire extinguishers to ensure they don’t get past their specified best by dates and have not still intact.

First Line of Contact

In worst-case scenarios, where fire breaks out, fireguards will immediately contact the fire department and provide all the necessary information. If the fire is visual, the fireguard will trigger the fire alarm (if it’s not yet ringing). They will then call the fire department. They also contact their client or customer from time to time to tell them about the situation. 

Help Secure Construction Areas

Construction sites can have a lot of fire hazards. Since there are lots of movements done and possibly raw material lying around, a fire could break out easily. Typically, construction sites are not yet operational, making it more susceptible to fire. Compared to fully built buildings and houses, construction sites require more attention. 

Fire watch security services do not only secure the facility from fire but also have lots of information about flammable materials on the site. This information can be used to maintain safety and security. They will get rid of flammable materials around and send them to a designated place by following fire emergency procedures.  

There are many types of fire watch services, including Commercial Fire Watch, Special Event Fire Watch, Hot Work Watch, and Dispensary Fire Watch. Getting the right fireguards adds an extra layer of safety to a construction site.


When we think of different threats to property and life, fire is always a risk that comes along. No matter what precautions, there is no guarantee of how and where fire breaks out. That is why hiring a professional fire guard is a need and top priority for businesses and companies alike. With fires and other hazards, it always is better to be safe than sorry.

After all, getting a fireguard is always better than finding yourself in contact with the fire department. Fire Guards are good investments that help secure other investments. With a capable fire guard service, you’ll have a more comfortable evening knowing your company or property is in good hands.

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