5 ways to leverage tech for improved sleep

Conventional wisdom states that you need to turn off all small screen devices an hour before going to bed, to enhance sleep quality. But conventional knowledge doesn’t state that technology can also help you have a relaxing evening too. Technology is behind many of the problems that prevent you from achieving a peaceful rest, so you may be tempted to remove it entirely from your bedroom. But if you use it wisely, it can encourage relaxing sleep. 

Tech is becoming smarter daily, and some devices make room in your house because they can enhance your sleep. From automatic light dimmers to blue light blockers, tech solutions improve the bedtime experience. 

It helps to maintain sleep schedules

To achieve high-quality sleep, you need to keep your sleep schedules consistent, and a smart alarm clock can be the solution. A smart clock helps you fall asleep faster because it includes lighting and speaker systems that encourage you to create a wake-up routine. Most of the devices include body-clock training, and lighting and volume choices. You can enjoy all these features via an app that controls your sleep environment and creates an enhanced bedtime experience. 

It controls interior light’s brightness

Bright light can prevent drowsiness when you expose yourself to too much of it before bedtime. You can replace your old light bulbs with some new ones that integrate technology that sets the mood for sleep. Use an app to set the lightbulbs to sync with the sunset and emit softer colors. Go a step further and create a complete schedule for the lightbulbs. Set them to gradually build light in the morning, to wake up in a room filled with soft light. As the noon comes, the light bulbs can display bright white light to energize you. 

It modifies the sleep environment

Inanimate objects can influence sleep quality. But their ability to interconnect and make sleep adjustments is a new area in technology, and you should explore it. You can install devices that gather data about your sleep patterns and modify the environment to encourage relaxation before bedtime. Foam mattresses are effective in boosting comfort and stress relief, essential for falling asleep in the night. If you want to replace your old mattress, consider a memory foam mattress since it’s one of the highest-rated types of beds and is the best value for your money since most quality memory foam beds can last decades. To enhance the bedtime experience, use a mattress pad that senses when you lie down, and adapts the lights and temperatures to help you fall and stay asleep. 

Over a couple of days, this technology learns your sleep patterns and schedules and gradually lights and heats the room before you wake up to have a refreshing morning.            

Wearable devices enhance better sleep

The apps and tech from your bedroom aren’t the only ones that can encourage sleep. You can wear devices that identify the phase of the sleep cycle you are in and use audio pulses to encourage more deep and shallow sleep. Wearable devices are braces or headbands connected with an app to your smartphone that records the sleep metrics to analyse ways to enhance sleep. 

You can also use earplugs, a low-tech solution perfect for the moments when you have to sleep in an environment where the sound is louder than 30 decibels. Once the sound gets louder, your body produces neurochemicals that alert and awake you. Earplugs can help you maintain a peaceful sleep even if the surrounding sound is noisier than a whisper. 

Technology can block blue light

The blue light that small screens normally emit can stimulate the brain and is one of the major causes of sleep deprivation in otherwise tired individuals. But the latest smart devices come with a night mode feature that allows you to switch to warm colours that block the blue light and positively impact sleep. Check if your smartphone has this feature before you scroll through your social media feeds at night. If this is unavailable, you can also buy blue light blocking glasses. Of course, if you can resist the temptation, just put your phone down and read a good old-fashioned book instead. 

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