6 Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wall Art for Your Space

Wall art works as a beautiful icing on the cake of your interior.  Art pieces, including family photos, favorite sports, world map canvas, nature’s beauty, and more draw the eye while making the home inviting. 

But, when it comes to choosing the perfect wall art, making the right decisions is critical. Some people face a challenge in selecting the right wall art for space. 

So, here are some expert tips that will help you to select the right piece of art for your room or home.

Tip 1: Choose Wall Art by Size

When selecting wall art, consider the size of both all art and room. Like in bathroom oversize wall art, look not so good, and on a large wall in the living area a small wall art looks diminish. Try to follow the following rules to get the wall art of the right size for your home.

  • Wall art that you want to hang on the wall behind your sofa should not be longer than your upholstery. 
  • A small piece of art doesn’t work well on the large wall; try to fill it with large wall art or with a cluster of many small art pieces.
  • Keep in mind the height of the ceiling when choosing wall art by size. 
  • Go for medium-size or small art pieces for kitchen and bathroom walls. 

Tip 2: Keep In Mind the Focal Point

When choosing artwork for your bedroom or living room, keep in mind the focal point. For example, if this is a large wall, you should try to look for large wall art with attractive colors. You may go for large wall art to fill a large wall. 

However, choosing mini frame art pieces to create a gallery wall in the living area is also a great idea. Veggie based art looks great in the kitchen.

Tip 3: Select Wall Art by Style

Selecting wall art and decorating your home interior depends upon your home’s style. A few examples of styles are antique art pieces, a bright wall art, bold art, and more. The following are tips for choosing the right art according to different home styles. 

  • Choose wall art that matches the style of your furniture.
  • In contemporary home design, modern wall art may look good.
  • Try to choose a set of two or three mini art pieces to look great in a modern styled kitchen.
  • Black and white wall art goes well in every home design.

Tip 4: Select Wall Art According To Interior Theme

Are your home design revolves around a particular theme? If yes, then try to get wall art that matches the theme of your house. For example, in a home with a beach theme, wall art with boats and beach scenes will look nice.

Tip 5: Focus On the Color of Wall Art

Do you know that there is a big difference between interior palettes and the color of art? Always try to choose wall art that complements the wall paints. For example, on neutral walls, bright art pieces look great. However, on a dark wall, light-colored canvas prints look amazing. Following are the rules to choose wall art color:

  • The background color of the art piece should match the wall color. 
  • Go for black and white art when in doubt. 
  • Choose wall art with an equal proportion of colors to make it the focal point in the room.

Tip 6: Be Open to Everything

Lastly, shop the wall art with an open mind. Any piece that attracts you and touches your soul will look good in your home. But, for sure, keep the focus on the size of the wall art piece to make it a center of attraction in your home.

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