6 Ways You Can Spoil Your Cat

Author: Emily Green

Do you love your cat and find yourself wanting to do something special for them? Cats love to be spoiled, that much is obvious, but it’s a great idea to get out of the old mix and right into a brand new way of doing things. Chances are you’ve done at least one of the following, but can you call your cat a spoiled brat if you haven’t done all of them?

1. Go for the Brush

Cats love a good brush, but what kind you go with largely depends on your pet. While cats with short fur may just need a regular brush and can take it as a treat… well, long-haired cats need to take it to the next level.

A good brush should be accompanied by a deburring brush in those cases. A deburring brush has blades that help to cut mats out of the cat’s fur. You simply have to carefully pull through, if you do things right your cat will be quite compliant.

Then it’s just a matter of brushing once a day or so to keep them from reforming. It’s simple, quick, and your cat will love it.

2. Automatic Toys

As much as our cats would love us to constantly play with them, it’s not a real possibility. With the advent of electronic cat toys, however, we can make sure that they’re constantly amused.

There are many toys available if you take a deeper look. They range from tubes with mice that go in circles when batted at to electronic devices that move a cat toy in a specific pattern.

The important part is to match them with your cat’s style of playing.

If you get the right one, your cat will never have to suffer boredom because you’re gone again. A small investment can lead to a much happier cat!

3. Getting Frisky With Laser Pointers

Laser pointers and cats are almost a meme at this point. And cats love them, even when they realize that it’s us controlling the infuriating red dot.

Some are better for playing with your cats than others, however. The best are actually bright LEDs rather than lasers. This makes it easier to play, knowing that an errant movement isn’t going to land a laser in your cat’s eye and do damage to their vision.

There are even automatic toys with lasers these days! That’s a big step up from doing things yourself, so why not see what you can find?

4. Get a Cat Perch

Cat window perches are a great way to let your cat surveil the neighborhood. We’re not sure why they do it, but we suspect birds are involved.

A cat perch makes it easier. Whether you’re buying or making your own, they’re sure to become a beloved place for your cat. If you don’t have sizable sills in your home already, then they’re a double treat for the cat who’s never been able to keep a watchful eye on the window before.

They’re easy to install or create, and they’re one thang that a cat is pretty much guaranteed to use. That’s a win-win in our book.

5. Whip out the Catnip

Catnip is an attractant and stimulant for our feline friends. Or at least those lucky cats who get an effect, as some cats are immune.

If your cat happens to be in the majority that loves the stuff, however, then a bag of it becomes a golden opportunity to spoil them. Leave it in their toys, put some in their bedding, spread it around a little bit, and watch your cat have a good time.

It’s usually not advisable to encourage our loved ones to get a buzz but catnip is harmless to our felines and they’re wild about it!

6. Kitty Video Games

Oddly enough, we’ve learned over the past decade that cats are capable of enjoying video games. Why not find something for your cat to play?

There are a ton of apps for both Android and iOS that will allow your cat to be engaged. They actually build apps for cats these days, which would have sounded like a science fiction fever dream twenty years or so ago.

Some people even use a cheap, dedicated tablet for their cats. You can leave the app in for the cat to peruse at their leisure when you’re away. It might seem a bit decadent, but you’ll really be spoiling your cat around the time you buy them a tablet.

Not only that, but it can also help to keep your cat occupied while you’re gone. Add in a few automatic toys as well and the only thing left for the cat to miss is you.

Spoiled or Pampered?

There are many approaches to spoiling our cats. Some are just a bit of extra pampering, like brushing regularly, while others are truly spoiling. There’s nothing wrong with treating your cat, so which method are you going to go for first?

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