7 Ways to Cope With an Argumentative Essay Faster

Teachers usually give students an argumentative assignment to measure their personal style of persuasion. Sometimes learners hesitate to develop their writing and analysis skills. Therefore, they are often afraid to write an argumentative essay and delay the writing process. 

If the student is in panic, shouting, “please write my essay shortly,” it is a sign they spend too much time procrastinating. In any case, special blogs and sources with helpful articles can help students to write an argumentative essay faster than usual. By reading samples of other students, they can get more in-depth knowledge of their topics. 

1) Be the bee. 

What is the main quality of bees? It is their attitude to hard work. Even if you are not responsible with your homework, this task is essential for your academic results, so you should try to be more productive. 

2) Turn off your phone. 

At least turn off your app notifications. These distracting sounds make you feel you are missing something important, and as a result, you spend hours scrolling feeds on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t let your internet addiction spoil the time you should spend writing an argumentative essay. 

3) Come up with an idea. 

Whether you are writing your essay on literature or psychology, you need to understand what you are fighting for. Create a unique approach and describe it in the thesis statement. This will be a helpful point to build from and give your essay more stable ground. 

4) Set a limited time for each part of the essay.

It is well known that the essay consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a closing. There is no need to focus too much on one part, as you may risk making other parts uneven. For example, if you give yourself five hours to write an essay, spend each hour on each part of your argumentative essay. 

5) Research wisely. 

This process is one of the most helpful when you are time-limited when writing an argumentative essay. Use recommended literature on specific topics, read summaries on literature, or watch special educational videos from reliable online channels. At least, you will have something to include as evidence. Don’t forget to reference all information you used regarding the required citation style, such as MLA or APA. 

6) Check errors. 

Taking care of your text quality in advance will save your argumentative essay from needing revisions. This tip is helpful when you need to improve your spelling and grammar. There is no need to look for an editor if you are limited in time, but you can use such online services as Beewriter, Scribens, or GrammarCheck

7) Write as if nobody’s watching.

The key point of writing an argumentative essay is actually to write. Make a brief description of each paragraph, including the introduction, body, and conclusion. Having this draft, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of the essay. Find the parts where you need to be more convincing and add supporting details by citing sources or create your own form of persuasion. 

Still reading? Don’t stop too long – get back to writing your powerful argumentative essay! 🙂

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