8 Best Tools For Growth Hacking Your Startup

Business is not business as usual anymore. The trying scenarios that have hit our world this year have impacted our businesses on a greater scale.

As we are approaching the year 2021 we might have to be more strategic about the growth tools we use. In order to stay on top of our game or get caught up to speed.

Below you will find a list of best tools for startups recommended to support your business. You can find all these apps and more as part of the onetool app portal and take advantage of various discounts. Let’s explore our picks below!


This is a CRM system. CRM systems tend to be synonymous with “complicated” to work with, not so with PipeDrive. This is designed for absolute simplicity.

It is designed for you to create web forms and chat boxes in order to generate leads.

All of their communications are easily tracked such as calls and emails. Providing a lot more organization to retrieve statistics from these activities.

There are tasks that can be put on automation that help to save time. Want to save more time? You can even have a team member create this automation on your behalf.

The tracking and analytic metrics are amazing as you can see how well your team is doing.


Click up is an all in one project management tool. It can host documents, task management, and time tracking all in one place. It is meant to replace something like monday.com.

It is a brilliant productivity tool that is streamlined and looks amazing. You can easily shift around and assign requirements to people on your team. It allows you to track their milestones.

If necessary you can integrate it with other productivity tools. Allowing for a spacious level of customization so that you can have more control over what the project management looks like.


AutoKlose is an amazing companion in the realm of sales. If you struggle to find new leads this tool can help you find new people to reach out to.

Not only that it’ll support setting up email sequences to go out to these new leads. It will generate really great reports to see how well those campaigns are performing.


StoryXpress replaces a tool like Loom. It is a webcam and screen recording device to help you communicate better with your customers or your team.

There are certain things that need to be communicated to customers or your team that can’t just happen over the phone, it is best that it happens visually.

 Recording your screen can go a long way in helping people to understand things that can’t fully be understood just over the phone. It’s just simply a more engaging way to communicate.


Slack is a team communication management platform that brings teams together in one place. Which makes tracking various threads of communication a lot easier.

Ample Communication in a business is a great thing generally speaking. However, when there are tons of emails and instant messages going out in a day it can get overwhelming and even confusing. With Slack, all of that is eliminated because all communication is brought on to one platform.

There are multiple ways to communicate on the platform that include instant messaging, videos, and audio calls. If necessary other apps can be integrated for optimized collaboration within the communication.


 Docksketch is a digital signature app that allows you to make legally binding signatures.

Its sleek design is easy to keep track of what documents were viewed, shared, and signed. Sending documents to customers, clients, or business partners is simple and easy.

It also allows you to take your favorite documents and turn them into templates for future use.


 SocialBee is an amazing companion when it comes to being able to post across multiple social media channels. You can set it up automatically to post on all of your major networks. Then create categories that allow you to post your best performing content.

You can also identify your evergreen content and have it on a repost schedule to save you time and make the post more visible to those who didn’t see it in the past.

Another great benefit is that you are able to keep track of your audience through a pixel. So that you can reach them in the future in a variety of re-marketing campaigns.


This is a tool you should definitely not do without if one of your main forms of communication or business outreach is email.

Bouncer verifies all of your emails to make sure that they are still in working order. If you send out too many emails that are no longer working it signifies to the Internet powers that maybe you’re sending out spam.

That can lower your “send” reputation and how well your “good” email addresses get into the inboxes.

This tool has a 99.5% accuracy rate and processes quite fast. This will help to ensure that your email deliverability rates stay high. 

What do you think of these outstanding best tools for startups?

We hope that this post has provided many golden nuggets to help you get set up for a new and dynamic year in business.

Heck! You don’t even have to wait until the New Year. YOU can get started today and hit the ground running hard into 2021.

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