A Candid Interview with Stacked Founders on How to Write Property Reviews

Image Credit – Stacked

Did you ever think you could buy a house after reading its review? If not, you should subscribe to Stacked immediately. This online editorial helps Singapore home buyers, renters, and sellers to make better decisions by providing accurate reviews of different properties. Today, we are lucky to have the four members of this editorial with us. 

Q: Guys, thank you so much for talking to us today. We would first like to know how this idea of reviewing properties in Singapore comes to you?

A: It was quite simple, really. These days, most people would do their research before buying anything online. Search for the latest iPhone and you’d find a ton of reviews telling you what to look out for, and some of these can go on for several pages! 

And that’s just for buying a phone.Imagine buying a home which is significantly more expensive – it was crazy that there wasn’t a resource out there that home buyers could rely on. So our primary objective was to ensure that we provide as much detailed information as possible so that buyers can make a better decision on their property purchase.

Q: What goes into writing your real estate property reviews?

A: The main challenge is always the research that goes into it. Each review can be almost a half-an-hour read (we do have a lot of photos). 

We make it a point to go down to the place more than once to ensure that we are able to cover all angles possible. The reviews are actually done not by just one person. We have two people that work on different parts of the review each time.

We’re also excited to see the results of our latest site update in which we categorised the reviews to make for easy searching for readers.

Q: Where do you publish your reviews? How can viewers connect to Stacked?

A: Viewers can check out our reviews on our website. Additionally, they can also connect with us through our Instagram and Facebook pages. For those who prefer watching videos, don’t miss our YouTube channel!

Q: You said you categorize properties after researching them. How do you do that?

A: It’s a simple process. We list the properties according to luxurious homes or condos, houses for young couples, and so on. This helps you find the type of stuff you want to buy. If you don’t have plans to buy a luxurious condo, you can move on and check the reviews of properties for young couples or affordable apartments. We believe that our categories make it less confusing for viewers to find the properties they would like to invest in.

Q: Do you think reading a review is enough to decide whether to buy a house or not?

A: We think it is enough for you to get a better understanding of the place, but it is always important, as much as possible, to go down and have a feel of the place for yourself. 

As much as we try to be as comprehensive as possible, the truth is that everyone’s different. What I may feel about a place, the ambience, its looks and all, may be completely different from you. So in that regard, you should be reading to know the bad and good, with the goal of getting a rough picture of what to expect. But you should be paying a visit to judge for yourself as well.

We can’t thank you enough for making time out of your busy schedule. It’s been a pleasure talking to you, and we hope your site continues to help people make the right decision about buying or selling houses.

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