A Guide to Crystal Ball Readings: How to Read Crystal Balls and Get a Free Crystal Ball Prediction

From water bodies to reflective surfaces and transparent stones, crystal balls have come a long way, and so is crystal ball reading.

But with the many service providers online, where do you go for professional crystal ball readings? How do you evade the never-ending trap of readers scamming hungry clients and where do you find the top online psychics? How do you even acquaint yourself with the service, if you’re new to the crystal reading world?

We’ve covered this information, and more, in this article – so you can enjoy trustworthy predictions online worry-free. Let’s start with some basic info, then dig into the most famous online spots to get a personalized crystal ball reading online.

How Does a Crystal Ball Reading Work?

Keeping unanswered life questions can be a mind-boggling experience. And crystal balls are just among the few tools used by psychics to help tackle these pressing queries. Thankfully, the crystal ball readers know how to read a crystal ball.

While some readers use the crystal ball as a focusing tool, to clear their minds, others read directly from it. They see images in the crystal ball and interpret those to help answer your life questions.

Interpretation simply means analyzing your past (or the present) and predicting your future.

Note, the crystal ball reading sessions vary depending on the number of questions you’re looking to ask – and how much deeper you’d like the spiritualist(s) to delve into your life issues.

What Can I Find Out During a Crystal Ball Reading?

Analyzing the crystal ball helps address your life concerns. And considering various crystal readers specialize in different areas, they can help answer your questions in several areas of your life, from love to success and career.

The thing is, the crystal ball reader can perceive your past, present, and future, and connect to you by sensing your energies.

Therefore, don’t shy away from asking just about any life questions — provided the crystal ball reader is an expert in the related area(s).

Top Sites for Crystal Ball Readings

1. Best site for a crystal ball reading – Kasamba

2. Best spot for crystal ball reading via phone – AskNow

3. Best site for risk-free crystal readings – PsychicSource

4. Best for crystal ball predictions with a satisfaction guarantee – Keen

5. Best for crystal advice via video – Oranum

6. Best for crystal readers with recent reviews – MysticSense

7. Best for crystal advice with a great call rate – LifeReader

1. Kasamba – Best Site for a Crystal Ball Reading

A platform with 20 years in business, Kasamba has got an entire section dedicated to crystal ball reading. Here, you have access to (currently) 42 crystal ball advisors, who are ready to answer your most pressing life questions. It could be about your past, present, and future.

Each spiritualist boasts reviews from previous customers. Meaning, you can gauge the psychics for their expertise. This platform also gives you three free minutes for every crystal ball reader you try out.

When it comes to contact modes, you get to choose from email, phone, and live chat. Also, Kasamba’s mobile app is a bonus — you can enjoy a reading even while on the go.

Read the full Kasamba review.

2. AskNow – Best Spot for Crystal Ball Advice via Phone

  • Five free minutes
  • The crystal ball readers are screened
  • Great phone advice
  • 15 years in business
  • Encouraging reviews online

If you’re looking to connect to a reader via (mostly) phone, AskNow might fit the bill. Communication via chat is also available, though.

The crystal ball spiritualists on the platform specialize in a myriad of areas, including career., love, and success. And the fact that they’re screened for accuracy, so you get value for the money, is a plus.

AskNow boasts 15 years in business. They also pride themselves on uncountable (positive) reviews across the web, making them one of the most trusted sources for a crystal ball reading. And, did we say you get five free minutes for your first reading?

Read the full AskNow review.

3. Psychic Source – Best Site for Risk-Free Crystal Readings

  • 30 years in the psychic industry
  • Risk-free crystal ball predictions
  • Three different contact modes
  • Three free minutes
  • Matching tool

A staggering 30 years in business is no joke, and Psychic Source knows it only too well. Which, probably, explains why they’ll return your money if, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with their crystal ball advice.

Enjoy predictions from as low as $1 per minute on this platform, and use their matching tool to get paired up with a reader that best suits your needs. But the best part about Psychic Source is they offer three free minutes of advice during your first session.

You can choose from various communication methods, ranging from live video, chat, and call.

Read the full Psychic Source review.

4. Keen – Best for Crystal Ball Predictions With Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Independent crystal ball readers
  • 20 years in business
  • Sort the crystal advisors via various metrics
  • Three free minutes
  • Satisfaction guarantee

This is the spot for independent crystal ball readers. Sort the readers by availability, price, and ratings, among other metrics. Keen gives you three free minutes for your first session.

Note, most advisors on the platform are specialized in love advice, although they can help in other areas.

Keen has been in the psychic industry for 20 years, and their crystal ball spiritualists connect with you via video, phone, or chat. The advice here is also backed with a satisfaction guarantee – a bonus.

Read the full Keen review.

5. Oranum – Best for Crystal Advice via Video

  • Free chat sessions
  • Face-to-face crystal ball advice
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 9.99 in free credits
  • Friendly user interface

Lovers of live video communication, where are you? Oranum could be the place to be for your crystal ball predictions. Don’t worry if the face-to-face dialogue isn’t your cup of tea, either, simply switch to a voice call and you’re good to go.

Something else that might make you want to stick around is the site’s enormous $9.99 in free credits, which you grab upon sign up. Oranum’s free chat sessions couldn’t be more attractive, too, considering they’re done by expert advisors.

As if it’s not enough, should you, for any reason, get stuck while doing your thing, you can reach out to the platform’s competitive customer support, which is open 24 hours a day. Don’t worry, Oranum’s friendly user interface makes for easy navigation.

Read the full Oranum review.

6. Mystic Sense – Best for Crystal Readers With Recent Reviews

  • Five free minutes
  • Various contact modes
  • A section of articles and media
  • Readers’ profiles with recent reviews
  • Filter crystal advisors based on different metrics

Another psychic network that gives you five free minutes for your first reading, Mystic Sense lets you filter the crystal ball readers using various metrics, including reading styles.

Each reader’s profile boasts recent reviews from past users. The price they charge per minute is also marked clearly, so you can choose a reader based on your budget.

This platform also features a section of educational articles (and media), where you can acquaint yourself with crystal ball reading, just in case, before contacting a crystal ball reader.

7. LifeReader – Best for Crystal Advice With a Great Call Rate

  • Information on crystal ball spiritualists
  • Four complimentary minutes
  • Reduced call rate
  • Recent customer feedback is available
  • Comprehensive readers’ profiles

Like Kasamba, LifeReader has an area dedicated to crystal ball advice. The section houses various experts and features recent feedback from previous customers so you can skim through it before choosing a reader.

For your first reading, the platform gives you three complimentary minutes, which you can use to get to know the readers before picking them.

Each advisor’s profile features the number of predictions they’ve done so far. This area also shows the year the crystal readers joined the platform, as well as a positivity rate for past-user reviews.

It’s good to know you can chat with the crystal ball readers for free (the first four minutes). You can connect with them via phone, too, at $0.19 per minute (the first ten minutes).

Crystal Ball Reading FAQs

Are Crystal Ball Readings Fake?

Truth be told: Reading a crystal ball requires someone who knows how to use a crystal ball. And because quality comes at a cost, if you’re going to get your predictions from the websites that offer services completely for free, it’s likely going to be a fake. It’s just that the psychic world isn’t regulated, a reason it’s flooded with several fake “service providers.”

To ensure you’re landing a real deal, get your predictions from trusted sites, like Kasamba and other entries above. Even on these platforms, learn to separate the wheat from the chaff by going for the highly-rated spiritualists, too.

You can also make use of the ones recommended on a legit site’s home page. That way, you’re less likely to encounter a fake.

How to Choose an Honest Psychic Who Reads From the Crystal Ball

Again, the game begins when you’re only on the right platform, like the ones we’ve listed above. While here, proceed by reading feedback from previous users, something that helps you gauge the expertise of a potential reader.

Another tip is to sort the readers by current ratings. Then, of course, pick a reader with the highest ratings. Also, if you like, you can use free minutes (which most of our entries offer) to ask a reader questions here and there.

It helps you analyze a potential psychic’s skills before seeking a detailed reading in any areas of your life.

The Takeaway on Crystal Ball Readings

The recommended sites above might come in handy if you’re seeking a trustworthy crystal ball reading experience online.

Our winner is Kasamba. Their mobile app makes the readings a breeze on the go, and their detailed crystal readers’ area couldn’t be more detailed. The first and second runner-ups are AskNow and Psychic Source, in that order.

Crystal balls as one of the psychics’ tools can be a fun tactic to help with your life questions, which couldn’t be handier when it comes to making timely decisions. Reading a crystal ball is best left to the professionals and you can try first free psychic readings to make sure you’re getting what you want. So, don’t be afraid to make use of a crystal ball reader to help answer some of your life questions.

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