Adjusting to College Life During COVID-19

With a worldwide pandemic still surging, today’s college students feel particularly out of place. Adapting to the unexpected societal upheaval caused by coronavirus has been difficult for all of us, but the sudden economic and interpersonal downturns are uniquely disenfranchising for young adults who are just trying to establish their footing in life. To avoid feeling adrift or disaffected in the shadow of COVID-19, students should adhere to the following strategies for keeping their lives and studies on track:

1. Use Organizational Techniques to Stay Motivated

Without the structure that is typically enshrined by in-person attendance, there is a natural tendency to become scattered. Unfortunately, a messy work environment discourages studying by fostering unnecessary visual distractions and making it easy to lose critical items. Avoid this struggle by creating a strict filing system while replicating some semblance of your former school schedule. Although excessive asceticism will inevitably backfire, you must find the balance in willpower to become your own rule enforcer now that authority is largely remote.

2. Resist the Urge to Multitask

For most learners, a classroom environment naturally filters out the stimulation of our daily lives to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to concentration. Without this setting, countless students are reporting increased issues with focusing. In this case, the answer is discipline. Hobbies and obligations should be set aside during designated study periods, and the same goes for your phone. It’s been repeatedly proven that multitasking diminishes the proficiency of each task involved without necessarily saving time; plus, information is less likely to be cohesively retained if absorbed in a non-linear manner.

3. Maintain Campus Connections

Most collegiate institutions have transitioned a significant amount of their services to an online venue by now. Thus, students can manage their educational prospects via virtual campus connectivity. Social media is a vital asset these days, and Zoom facilitates effortless interactions with friends and family while everyone is self-quarantined. School websites are also critical hubs that allow students to find updates regarding the present coronavirus situation alongside anticipated schooling developments.

4. Seek Additional Resources

It’s completely understandable if finances are even tighter than usual. The last few months have caused a lot of individuals and families to face a money crunch right now, so don’t hesitate to seek formal assistance wherever you can find it. The increase in solitude can actually provide extra time to explore possibilities that you may have missed. For example, you might qualify for a college scholarship giveaway. One to check out is theAscent Student Loans monthly $1,000 scholarship giveaway. A lot of brands are incentivizing higher learning to make sure the next generation stays engaged with their future. In the weeks ahead, keep an eye out for more announcements like this one from the leaders at Ascent: “We’re giving away over $60,000 in scholarships in 2020.”

5. Don’t Neglect the Importance of Mental Wellness

College is already an incredibly stressful time for enrollees, so it’s not really fair to add the extreme anxiety and pressure of a worldwide shutdown. Some matters are simply out of your control, so practice acceptance and relinquish your desire for change. Meditation and yoga are both free helpful tools for learning patience and gratitude, which are two key traits that will truly help students thrive amid the upcoming uncertainty. Additionally, remember to exercise on a regular basis while ensuring your diet stays in check. Fresh air and sunlight are your friends, so don’t let social distancing keep you locked away from them.

Don’t forget about major college milestones that make the university experience what it is. Classes may have moved from in-person classrooms to online meetings, and graduations may have been cancelled, but you can still celebrate and enjoy it. Ascent recently published a guide to having a quarantine graduation celebration that makes this even just as fun as if it were in person.

Keep the Historical Nature in Mind

We’re all in this fray together, but it’s easy to forget that everyone is presently acclimating to new norms. It’s nearly impossible to overstate the scale of the situation that humanity is facing. This is a generationally defining event of monumental proportions, so it’s wise to avoid taking the global disaster personally. There are very few people who are unscathed by this pandemic. Although life after high school might not resemble what you originally had in mind, there are still plenty of opportunities to succeed academically if you remain connected and dedicated.

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