American entrepreneur Gregory Grishayev reveals his newest venture

Whether you’re at the beach or just out enjoying a fine, summer day, you can’t go out without wearing a pair of sunglasses. But you also know that a great pair of polarized sunglasses are expensive, and the United States is the world leader in lost sunglasses.

Gregory Grishayev the Co-founder of Purpyle aims to change that with a mission to sell polarized, stylish, and high-quality sunglasses for prices under $50 some even under thirty dollars.

Gregory Grishayev, one of the founders of Purpyle is no stranger to business. Being an immigrant who fled to the United States with his family when he was a young boy, Grishayev learned about hard work at a very early age.

He started his first business selling clothing on eBay. He eventually moved into the vaping business and co-founded a vaping company Eonsmoke. Within just a few years, the company gained millions in revenues and became one of the biggest names in the vaping industry.

But after many years of success, Grishayev finally decided to throw in the towel and shut down Eonsmoke for good. His new focus, building a business that isn’t focused heavily on regulation. “I grew up with a love of sales from an early age, that smile from a customer praising the product, always made my day.” Grishayev said.

He realized there are very few people that are targeting demand for affordable but very high-quality eyewear. Today, Purpyle is making a huge splash in its launch in the eyewear industry with some of its mirrored styles with new flat lens technology.

For Grishayev, this is only the beginning of Purpyle’s success. As an entrepreneur, he has seen his share of ups and downs in a diverse number of industries. But it hasn’t stopped them from dreaming big and working hard.

Some good has also come out of his failures. While in the light up shoes space, a company he founded called Glidekicks donating tens of thousands of new light up shoes to the Salvation Army. As he grows in his success and as a person, he grows more passionate about philanthropy. He hopes to give more in the future. Especially in funding Cancer research, which is close to Grishayev since it was the disease that took his father away.

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