Are Psychics Real? The Real World Proof of Psychic Mediums’ Abilities and Powers

When skeptics hear the word “psychic,” they see a pre-set image of a woman wearing a spiritual head crown full of colorful jewelry sitting in a dark room gazing into a crystal ball, and giving a “cold reading” with empty meanings.

Fraudulent wannabees like fake Jamaican psychic scammer “Ms Cleo” promote stereotypes that give all gifted mystics a bad name. However, people who got a genuine spiritual reading that foretold their future or gave them specific advice that worked out for the best know and appreciate the real power of a psychic.

However, despite the high number of scammers in the world, most people generally believe in psychics. Late-night TV show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver broadcasted a segment in 2019 about psychics. The research revealed 4 out of 10 people believed in them.

In this article, we will attempt to answer the burning question: are psychics real or not? And finally, put to rest and expose the real truth behind these spiritual guides. 

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How Do Psychics Get Their Power?

The psychic phenomenon has left many skeptics wondering how spiritual guides arrive at a prediction or foretell the future. These people’s jaws drop when they have a personal experience with a real psychic because the guide has recalled accurate information that no one else could have known.

Interest sparks in those who need answers to their life’s burning questions and those who have had spiritual crossings and awakenings know the real deal behind psychics and respect their gifts. You don’t have to convince these people that psychic phenomena are real because they have had a genuine experience they wouldn’t mind sharing with people. 

I read an article about 19th-century philosopher William James who quoted the “white crow” theory. This theory states that people believe that all crows are black, but if you can find a white one then it’s possible there are more in the world. Therefore, when you apply the same principle to psychics, if you can find one person who exhibits real psychic power, then you can only assume there are many more in the world. And science has proven this is a reality. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Psychic Mediums

A medium is one of the most popular types of psychics. You might be surprised that they actually use scientific odds to arrive at their predictions. There are several experiments that go into greater detail about their capabilities. Take the “Afterlife Experiments” book, for example, written by an academic professor that asked two prominent mediums to be featured and show off their abilities. They would contact the afterlife under laboratory conditions to prove or disprove if psychic ability and medium communication are possible. The results were astonishing. Even the University of Arizona has a research program called VERITAS dedicated to studying human energy to this day based on these findings. 

If this all sounds like mumbo jumbo, then think for a moment about psychic experiments conducted by the US government. If a psychic phenomenon is real, then we can agree that the US government will have its hand in it and ultimately find a way to make it a weapon. The Pentagon allegedly spent millions studying the use of ESP and clairvoyance during wartime.

If that information is too deep for you, then ask yourself how many paranormal experiences you had in your lifetime. I guarantee you have thought of one. Most people had at least one. Spirits are deceased people lingering on earth who haven’t passed on to the next life. It’s not far-fetched to believe mortals can communicate with these other-worldly beings.

Remote viewers

Have you ever dreamed of an event that some years later happened, and you literally lived through it again? Similar to having Deja Vu? Some people believe these foreseen events are connected to psychic ability. Probably so.

The Department of Defense invested millions of dollars into a program called Operation Stargate. You probably heard Stargate references to the fictional movie franchise in which the military used alien technology to facilitate time travel. Maybe that was the ultimate goal of the program. However, the aim of the study was to use “remote viewing” and foreseeing future events for military purposes. Predictions were so accurate that top generals seriously deliberated making combat moves that would have changed the course of history. ‘Mind readers’ were also recruited to fight in the Cold War around this time. A 1995 declassified CIA report concluded that the results from this research were inconclusive due to the erroneous nature of the data, but many skeptical believers believe otherwise. 

Fortune tellers

Skeptics who don’t believe in a psychic phenomenon often make the statement that psychics don’t win the lottery. They would often say, ‘if psychics had supernatural power, then why don’t they use it to predict the correct lottery numbers?’ If you do your research, you will learn many lottery winners actually claimed to have chosen their winning numbers based on a psychic phenomenon, and some even are psychics themselves. 

Let me give you a few examples as references. A psychic claimed she had a premonition that she would win the lottery, and she did! She was part of a group of psychics who helped families in their village with ‘random acts of kindness’, which usually involved giving them money or food. Psychics aren’t supposed to use their power for personal monetary gains unless it will help people for a genuine cause. She believed that her win was a result of good karma.

People who have used the Law of Attraction have won the lottery. One of them is Cynthia Stafford who literally did visualization exercises to win the Mega Millions jackpot.

Many stories on Lottery Changed My Life cite some type of paranormal experience to the winner getting their lucky numbers. It could be a premonition in a dream or even as simple as a cat giving a lady the correct lottery numbers, as the source of their winnings

Moreover, there are countless people who said a psychic told them they would win the lottery, and they won! 

In all these examples, there is obviously some type of higher power at play.

Detectives have used the power of psychics to help them close unsolved murders. Declassified documents discuss in detail how law enforcement used psychics.

Still on the fence about the legitimacy of psychics? Check out a book called Mental Radio written by Pulitzer Prize winner Upton Sinclair that detailed how he conducted experiments for his psychic wife who claimed that ‘mind readings’ and telepathy were taking place in the home all the time.

What I find interesting about these psychic studies is a lot of stuff that took place in the early and late 1900s, but you don’t hear about it much today. It would make sense these methods have advanced and still in use by some very powerful people.

Who is a Real Psychic?

Anyone can be a real psychic. Kids can be real psychics because they are less judgemental and are more spiritually sensitive to the world around them since they are not yet heavily indoctrinated by societal limitations. It’s often said that dogs have psychic abilities and can see spirits walking around that we cannot see. What else are they barking at night when no one else is there? All the psychic readings done on Kasamba are by real psychics too.

How accurate are psychics? How to avoid inaccurate readers?

Some guides are more keen and clairvoyant than others. Most are pretty accurate and some are correct with their assumptions most of the time. The reviews left by real people who received services from psychics on will tell you everything you need to know.

You can expose, and differentiate real psychics from fake ones by asking the right questions such as “How can I find my calling?” or “How do I approach my next relationship to make sure it’s successful?” A less-than-stellar psychic cannot “cold read” these questions because they require a specific type of answer.

Some fake psychics might do what we call “cold readings.” They consist of using bits and pieces of information about yourself like body language, birthday, and lifestyle choices to determine many things about you. These fake psychics might say something like, “I’m seeing pizza in your life.” And then you might pop up and say “oh, yeah, I love pizza! How’d you know that?” Duh. These pieces of information can be applied to anyone. This psychological phenomenon is known as the Branum effect where people love to accept vague personality trait descriptions about themselves that can apply to anyone, and they think it’s some type of psychics ability at play when it’s not. That’s one reason horoscopes are so popular. They are generalizations that can be applied to anyone under that zodiac sign. Mediums who use this method are usually lazy and inaccurate and will lead you down the wrong path. 

How to Find a Real Psychic

In the past, you had to travel down a dark alleyway in New Orleans or the deep jungle in Costa Rica to find a real psychic. And that’s only after wasting time and money with bogus ones who were handing out “cold readings” for as little as $10.

However, using online psychic websites like Kasamba makes finding a real psychic so much easier. Click on the Call or Chat buttons and you are instantly connected with a real psychic. Moreover, you can use the services for free if you are a skeptic and don’t want to dish out money just yet.

If a psychic on the Kasamba network is giving out fake information and cold readings, they will get exposed and kicked off the site because all psychics have to maintain a high rating and their skills get tested often.

If you are still skeptical about psychic abilities and believe their overly dramatic act is for entertainment purposes, then I would suggest you take advantage of the free psychic readings to talk to any guide. 

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