AskNow Review – Is it a Legit Psychic Service for Inexpensive Phone Readings?

AskNow is a service that offers to connect you to psychic readings by phone or by email, I set out to review it myself and see if it’s legitimate. 

In this review you’ll find out how their psychic readings worked for me and if they may be worth it for you.  To reach them I called (888) 815-1999 which gave me a discounted voice reading.  But you can also use this link to get a “free psychic question” answered by email (hint: it’s not really as free as it seems, more on this in a bit).  That’s one thing I didn’t really like about Asknow is they don’t have a free trial like Kasamba does.

Before we dive deeper, let cover a bit of intro information about Asknow.

Asknow Overview is one of the most used psychic websites at the apex of the spiritual world since 2005. This website has provided services to thousands of seekers roaming its network of talented and credentialed spiritual advisors.

Features Review

  • Free question available to test out services.  You get 5 minutes free and a beep will let you know if you are about to exceed this limit.
  • Various categories
  • Psychics have many abilities


  • Most affordable psychic website, charging prices as low as $1 a minute
  • Features psychics with credentials
  • Top-rated psychics who have maintain a 4-star and above rating
  • All psychics’ abilities are tested


  • Have to add payment details to get a free 5 minutes/free question. No funds, no free reading
  • Not many bilingual psychics, only a handful of Spanish speakers
  • Does not offer better deals at higher package levels like most websites aims to be that magic box one can go to for spiritual wisdom on demand. Let’s pull out a magnifying glass and take a close look at it in this review.

The AskNow Homepage Has Visceral Spiritual Energy

Ask Now features a highly interactive homepage serving as a central place for all your psychic needs. For example, a toll-free phone number stares you right in the face as an opening welcome to the possibilities.

All of the Top Rated Masters are first in line and you will view their profile photos to get a feel of what they represent. You could say that looking at a psychic’s physical features tells a story about them. And if you are keen yourself, then you can see well beyond the surface to the depths of the soul. 

Some of these psychics exude deep spiritual energies, evident by their profound eyes and defined facial features. On the flip side, others look like regular business people who you would see working in an office downtown because they give off a professional vibe. 

The profile pic is the kindred spirit in this instance and a great help for finding the perfect psychic match.

Exposing the Truth Behind AskNow’s Super Exclusive ‘Ask A Free Question’

What wows me about AskNow is the “Ask a Free Question” option they give on the surface. It seems like the system works by inviting you to type in a free question to ask a psychic and they will get back to you through an email. At least, that’s what the system conveys. 

One relatable question could be, “when will I meet my soulmate?” Or, “what does the future have in store for me?” These are general psychics questions to give you an idea of what to ask. Maybe getting more specific with the question will produce a more personalized answer.

This ‘Ask a Question’ section requests your first name, email address, date of birth, and the Category of the question. Be that of Romance, Tarot, Astrology, and Money.

But here’s the catch, when you complete the sign-in details, the window will begin a 30-minute countdown for you to call the toll-free phone number using the activation code. You will NOT get an answer to the free question unless you call in. That’s the way it works. Five minutes later, the same message from the website will show up in your email and your ‘Ask a Question’ question is still not answered.

When you finally call in, the system indicates that all calls are recorded. Think about it like this; if you feel uneasy about having your conversation recorded and saved in their system, then Asknow might now be the right place for you to get a psychic reading.

The system auto connects you with a customer service representative, who seems really friendly and motivated to have you join the community. She will start advertising some of the features in case you aren’t well-versed with them, and answer all your questions swiftly. She told me they test their psychics every 4-6 months to ensure they have sharp spiritual abilities. Unfortunately, I could hear a faint buzz in the receiver, but that sound did not hinder communication efforts during the call.

I was told that psychics have to maintain a 4 to 5-star rating to stay an AskNow psychic. That info puts me at ease because now I know all their psychics are the real deal. 

But she will take your credit/debit card information before the free question is granted in the form of 5 free minutes. So the 5 free minutes you see posted on the profiles should be enough time to ask your ‘free question’.

AskNow Review: Payment Plan Packages & Psychic Prices

If you only have a prepaid card available, then the customer service representative will have to sign you up for a package deal. The rep can create the account for you, but if there are no funds then you won’t get to take advantage of the free reading. She will have to auto decline the transaction to create the account. Credit card holders, however, get instant access to the free minutes because the system will only charge them if the reading lasts beyond the 5-minute threshold. 

One good thing about AskNow is they send a beep in the receiver indicating the 5-minute free trial has expired. If you hang up the phone when you hear that beep, your credit card will not get charged.

Top Rated Advisors charge anywhere from $3.99 to $9.99 a minute. These psychics have the most amount and highest number of reviews. Their skills range across many categories and services.

Elite Advisors charge anywhere from $10 to $12.99 a minute. They normally specialize in specific categories. That means their abilities are really strong in that area and you will get a more accurate reading than talking to a top-rated psychic who does a wide range of things.

Master Advisors are the best on the network and they have proven their special gifts time and again. If you have a pressing question bearing on your mind for years and need to put it to rest once and for all, these are the go-to guides for the answers. They charge $13+ a minute.

When you call in and speak to a customer representative, they will always suggest you choose an Elite or Master Advisor, but you can stop them and choose anyone you like if you have the direct extension on hand. 

Package Prices: 

The packages generally calculate at about $1 per minute, no matter which one you decide to choose. Most psychic price packages on other websites give more credits the higher you go. Asknow does not. The pricing is pretty cut and dry:

  • 20 minutes for $20
  • 30 minutes for $30
  • 40 minutes for $40

Who Are Some of AskNow’s Psychics?

Most of the guides do not look “wacky” or “crazy,” and a nice handful has strong auras. The more defined psychics have 30+ years of experience and it’s written all over their faces. That number seems average on AskNow. 

Each profile lists the psychic’s credentials. Some people are remote viewers who can see into the future. That’s a good service for people searching for answers to monetary problems or feel insecure about where their future is heading. Psychic teachers who have literally taught psychics their abilities since the 80s are featured on the site. Some hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology or Fine Arts. AskNow psychics have a wide range of abilities, so it should be very easy to find an exact preference.

How to contact a psychic on AskNow?

When you click on the psychic’s photo, the page reveals additional information that goes in-depth about who they are. You will see Details, About, Reviews & Ratings, and the Schedule when they are available. At the bottom of the page is where the latter section is located. The system allows you to select your local time and matches it with the availability of the psychic. So you will see available times according to your local time zone. It seems to me that most psychics are available anytime and all the time. From here you can call or schedule an appointment for a future time. If a psychic is available, you will see a green Available box with the word CALL underneath. That means this psychic is ready to talk with you. If you have another specific psychic in mind but they are unavailable, you can request a call back at a later date. Some psychics do not prefer phone readings and will be happy doing a Chat texting or instant messaging option.

Daily horoscopes

Another free psychic reading section called Daily Horoscopes is good for people who want a quick prediction for their birthdays. Just click on your sign and reveal the possibilities. Some default information in this section includes a set of lucky numbers that can maybe be used to play the lottery. Lunar sign lists have explanations. birthstone colors, elements, ruling planets, and more.

Final Word on Asknow

AskNow is good for people seeking answers from professional psychics with spiritual abilities that officially get tested several times a year. These psychic readings online are the real deal and you can use their service as part of the package deals processed by credit or debit (including prepaid) cards. The ‘Ask a Free Question’ is part of the sign-up process that grants 5 free minutes to new users. But it all seems worth the price at the end because of the services you get access to. AskNow is a good psychic website that you should check out.

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