Balance CBD Reviews: Why it’s the best CBD brand

Just like your living room HDTV and the 2% milk in the fridge, CBD has become a fixture in the lives of millions of Americans. The satisfying hemp product has helped people get through their nine to five or relax during some much-needed weekend self-care. The question on most of our minds isn’t should we take CBD, but which brand to buy. 

It’s not easy choosing the best brand because there are so many of them! On my last count, I tallied over thirty companies — and that’s just in the United States. Comparison articles and top 10s can help you narrow down your choices to a preferred few, but if you’ve found this article, it’s because you’re ready to learn about this particular cannabidiol reviewer’s favorite brand: Balance CBD

In the review below, I’ll tell you why Balance CBD has beat out the other top brands three years running to be my first choice for myself, my readers, and my family. You’ll learn about the Balance CBD difference, the in and outs of their extraction process, and reviews on all of their best products. Last, if you read to the very end, I’ll gift you a special discount code to save on your next CBD purchase. 

Why Balance CBD?

Ever since we could buy CBD online, I’ve tried nearly every brand that sells oils, gummies, topicals, and vapes. My experience totals three years with top products sold across the United States. I’ve learned that, despite what a brand advertises, you don’t really know how good the CBD oil is until you try it; the most attractive CBD product can leave you wanting. 

From different extraction methods to organic ingredients, the consumer CBD market is as varied as the vitamin and supplement industries. You can’t base your judgment on the way a brand looks or how convincing they sound; all that matters is the results — how you feel on the inside and out.

Balance CBD has impressed more than any other brand. They’ve been selling quality CBD products to customers from San Francisco to New York for many many years. They are a family-run team bolstered by independent doctors and medical scientists. As pioneers in the legal hemp market, they are trendsetters. They were one of the first brands to use lab report QR codes, and they have maintained an impressive quality standard. 

What’s more, they offer a range of selections that cannot be beaten. Oils, edibles, topicals, drink enhances — even personal lubricants. Seriously, this brand has it all. But what matters most is the impressive effects of their CBD. 

What makes the best CBD Oil? 

Balance CBD is a seed-to-sale company. That means they are part of the natural process from the moment a local farmer plants their crop. Since the passing of the revised 2018 Farm Bill, all US states are allowed to plant industrial hemp crops. Balance CBD works closely with farmers that tend healthy soil and lush, CBD-rich biomass.

Only crops that meet the federal THC limits of .3% are chosen for Balance CBD products. The plants are 100% organic, which means no GMOs, pesticides, or herbicides.

Balance CBD can proudly say that:

  • All products are made in the USA
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Are made using organic ingredients
  • Are GMP Quality
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Allergen Free
  • Gluten Dree
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • NSF Tested

Not many companies can say that!

Industry-Leading Transparency 

With so many CBD companies to choose from, the best brand must prove why their products are worth your money. With Balance CBD’s transparency promise, you’ll know what they know. Each bottle of CBD oil ships with a QR code printed on the label. A quick shot of your smartphone will link you directly to a third-party lab test. 

Third-party lab tests are the best way to verify a CBD product’s contents. From my experience, only the best companies offer their customers that level of transparency. 

Balance CBD goes one step further by updating the lab test results with each new batch, so you have the latest information to make an informed and conscious choice. 

Every Balance CBD Product Reviewed: 

Balance CBD Oil Review 

What I love most about Balance CBD’s oil tinctures is the choice. The oils come in two extract types: isolate and full-spectrum. Instead of sugary flavors, you get terpene infusions. Terpenes are natural compounds in hemp plants that strengthen the overall effects. You’ll feel Balance CBD oils faster and they’ll last longer. 

Some CBD brands load their oils with fillers — not Balance CBD. This limited ingredient formula contains MCT coconut oil, hemp extract, and nothing else. The tasteless oils can be added to water, coffee, food, or taken sublingually. If you choose the full-spectrum variety, you’ll get CBD plus THC, CBN, CBC, CBC, and much more. 

Here are my three favorite Balance CBD oils:

1. Natural CBD Oil 

The original CBD oil comes in five strengths: 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg. You can purchase the oil in isolate or full-spectrum, and they range from 17mg/ml to 170mg/ml. To check the most up to do price, visit the Balance CBD oil page. Their natural CBD oil has even been voted as the best CBD oil for pain.

2. Charlotte’s Web Terpene Infused CBD Oil 

Another oil featured in many best CBD oil lists is the Balance CBD Charlotte’s Web Terpene Infused CBD Oil. You’ll enjoy the benefits of ten terpenes, including Myrcene and Pinene, as well as CBD and other cannabinoids. You can buy the oil in either isolate or full-spectrum. The five strengths to choose from are: 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg.

3. Harlequin Terpene Infused CBD Oil 

I love the harlequin terpene-infused CBD oil because of its unique flavor profile and potent effects. Coupled with the optional full-spectrum blend, you’ll experience one of the strongest CBD oils I’ve ever tried. You can buy this product in the same five strengths, ranging from 500mg to 5000mg, which works out to 17mg/ml to 170mg/ml respectively. 

Balance CBD Gummies Reviews

If you prefer your medicines a little sweeter, then CBD gummies are a perfect choice. My favorite thing about Balance CBD’s gummies is the taste; the real fruit and organic sugar cane mean they are more healthy than your common corner store snacks. Plus, the authentic American hemp-based CBD lasts up to six hours. 

A CBD isolate is used in the making of these gummies. Isolate cannabidiol ensures accurate flavors and dosages; spectrum extracts do not take kindly to the heat required to make candies! Expect bold flavors that leave you craving more. Balance CBD sells gummies in multiple flavors, but my favorite three are:

4. Mixed Variety Pack – Assorted flavored CBD Gummies

5. Strawberry CBD Gummies

6. Orange Dreamsicle CBD Gummies

Balance CBD Oil for Dogs Reviews

Balance CBD’s canine support products contain the same ingredients as their human varieties. Your pet won’t ingest any additives, fillers, or rancid oils, which are common in some competing brands. This is the same healthful oil you take but at dosages safe for dogs and cats. 

7. CBD Oil for Dogs 

A great CBD oil for dogs must have a taste they love. That way, you can add it to their kibble in the morning or an afternoon cookie. I recommend the salmon flavor. It contains real salmon oil, which dogs love and is good for their coat. If your pooch eschews fish, try the natural flavor. 

The CBD pet oils ship in two strengths, 300mg and 600mg. This is an isolate oil because there’s evidence that THC can harm pets. 

8. CBD Dog Treats 

You can also buy dog treats infused with 5mg of CBD isolate per piece. These delicious morsels contain lots of organic goodness, such as carrots and apples, plus every dog’s favorite, peanut butter! As with the top dog treats at your favorite pet shop, these treats contain zero soy, grain, and wheat. 

9. Charlotte’s Web Terpene Infused CBD Oil for Dogs 

Balance CBD’s best-selling Charlotte’s Web terpene formula makes a special appearance in this brand new CBD oil for dogs. Now your dog can enjoy the same soothing benefits thousands of Americans have come to love. This terpene blend specializes in Pinene and Myrcene, known for easing stress and encouraging wellbeing. 

Balance CBD Cream Reviews

CBD topicals work great for sore muscles — especially after a long day of working at your home computer! Balance CBD’s topical creams use nano CBD technology, which increases absorption. Against other leading brands, I found this product to work two to three times faster. 

10. CBD Cream for Muscle Relief  

Rub a dollop of this silky cream into your sore spots and within thirty minutes you’ll be in heaven. It was even featured at the Golden Globe awards, and has many a-list users.Balance CBD’s muscle relief cream works so well that it was featured in the Golden Globes gift bag. Now you can use a bit of the same magic as the stars with 300mg of nano CBD per bottle. 

Balance CBD Vape Pen Reviews

The key to a safe and effective vape pen begins with the ingredients. Thankfully, Balance CBD’s vape products rank in many Top Five lists on the Net. They are my favorite because the pens are well built, and once you are finished with them, you can just throw the pen out. 

Balance CBD’s vape pens are doctor-formulated for maximum effects and consistency. They use broad-spectrum CBD derived from American-grown hemp. As with all of the brand’s products, these pens ship with verified third-party lab tests for quality you can trust. 

11. Charlotte’s Web Terpene Infused Vape Pen 

Balance CBD Coupons + Discounts 

From oils to vapes, Balance CBD is a brand you can trust. Everything from the brand packaging to the flavors and effects has been consistent for three years and counting. I’ve enjoyed every product I’ve purchased from them, and I know you will too. 

As I mentioned at the top of the article, I have a special discount for you keen readers who’ve read this far. You can use the code First15 to get 15% off your first order with Balance CBD. Check their website today to see what deals of which you combine this fantastic offer. 

Also, I recommend signing up to the Balance CBD email list for other great discounts. I’ve discovered that the brand offers new deals just about every month. In the last year, I have saved hundreds of dollars on CBD products. Sign up to their newsletter to get even bigger discounts.

What else should I know about Balance CBD? 

I’ve only skimmed the surface of what separates Balance CBD from other top CBD brands. They focus on organic ingredients, and healthy carrier oils, such as MCT coconut oil. Their isolate and broad-spectrum extracts are completely THC free. When you buy Balance CBD, you are getting an American-made product filled with American ingredients.

Balance CBD products are vegan-friendly and gluten- and allergy-free. They pride themselves in offering products sourced from cruelty-free farms and factories. What’s more, their products ship from a GMP-rated factory, meaning the workers are paid a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and the facility meets the federally-mandated safety protocols. 

Is Balance CBD Legit?

Yes, unlike many CBD brands online, Balance CBD is a legitimate, fair, and trustworthy brand. I’ve been using their products for years without any hiccups or strange issues. Their CBD Muscle Relief cream was featured in the Golden Globes and used by top Hollywood actors and artists. 

Cannabidiol was decriminalized back in 2018, so buying CBD is completely safe. Keep in mind that legal CBD oil must come from industrial hemp grown in the USA. Thankfully, Balance CBD abides by all federal limitations surrounding hemp sales. 

You can find some of the brand’s reviews and spotlight features in reliable newspapers such as LA Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, SF Gate, the Austin Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, SF Weekly and Newsweek

Check the brand’s press section for links to these articles. 

Does Balance CBD have good customer service?

According to reviewer data, Balance CBD rates high on customer service. My own experience has been exceptional. The brand offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Any product you buy can be returned for a full refund, no questions asked. Their veteran’s discount is straightforward and can be had in less than twenty-four hours. 

If you need to contact Balance CBD, they are a quick email or phone call away. They respond within a day to email queries. Their call center is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and the wait is rarely more than five minutes. Compared to some CBD companies, Balance CBD’s customer service is quite a relief. There are many CBD companies that do note even have a call centre. 

Where to buy Balance CBD products? 

Sure, you could buy Balance CBD from the swaths of affiliate sites online, but there’s nothing they can’t offer that the brand cannot. The best place to buy Balance CBD products is on their website. They offer free country-wide shipping on orders over $65. Their price match guarantee ensures you’re getting the best price, no matter where you live. 

Check out Balance CBD, for the best CBD products that you can find on the market today!

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