Bay Area Cannabis: The Best Prices on Weed

California’s Bay Area cannabis industry is one of the most competitive in the world. With a high concentration of brands, dispensaries, delivery services, and growers throughout the Golden State, customers have virtually unlimited shopping options. However, buying weed can be expensive, and in a heavily saturated market, pricing is competitive. 

If you are a Bay Area cannabis consumer looking for the best prices on weed in your area, you’ve found the right place. Here, we’re sharing the best brands to help you save money without compromising on the quality of your weed. 

Best Cannabis Prices in SF

As mentioned, California weed prices are competitive, requiring the high tax rates and property costs in the state. In addition, the Bay Area rental and retail properties are limited, making it difficult for dispensaries or brands to find storefronts. Because of this, to discover the best prices on weed, one must do a little digging. 

Many new residents of regions like the Bay Area struggle to find affordable cannabis since those front and center brands are often over-priced to keep up with market trends and expenses. Luckily, some brands strive to offer customers better prices on cannabis, including some dispensaries, weed delivery services, and online retailers. Once you know where to shop, finding the best prices on weed is easy. 

Bay Area Cannabis: The Best of The Best

Shopping for weed in the Bay Area and wondering where to find the best prices? Check out these top-notch dispensaries and cannabis delivery services serving customers right now:

Cannabis Delivery

One of the best things about buying weed in California is having it delivered directly to you. Ordering cannabis delivery is as easy as ordering a cup of coffee and can be at your door in just a few hours. Convenient and reliable, cannabis delivery also has the advantage of being less expensive than shopping in-store at the dispensary. If you are looking for cannabis delivery in the Bay Area, consider checking out Ganjarunner or Budee. 

Ganjarunner offers super fast delivery to neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area where dispensaries can sometimes be hard to find. Those dispensaries that do exist are often ‘boutique’ style and expensive, forcing customers to pay high prices or drive long distances. Weed delivery in San Francisco and other Bay Area residents can enjoy without the traffic or the expense since Ganjarunner offers free delivery with no order minimum to customers throughout the region.

Budee, another SF cannabis delivery service, is where you’ll want to go if you are looking for the best deals. Budee offers everyday low prices on tons of products, from brands you know and love, plus flash sales and limited-time deals that help you save even more. Even when no sales are happening, Budee makes it easy to save with options like bulk discounts – buy more and save! Here’s how bulk pricing works with Budee:

  • 8th of Flower = $25
  • 4th of Flower = $45 (Save $5 or 10%)
  • Half Ounce = $85 (Save $15 or 15%)
  • Full Ounce = $150 (Save $50 or 25%) – that’s a 4th for free!

Cannabis Dispensaries

If you prefer to shop in person for your cannabis, some dispensaries in and around San Francisco offer good deals. Medithrive, for example, prices everyday items affordably and offers specials like buy-2-get-one-for-a-penny edible deals and Lowell Hash Wednesdays, where customers enjoy 20% off select items. 

The Bloom Room is another excellent option for San Francisco cannabis consumers, where you can find eighths starting at $25 every day, plus tons of deals for extra savings. Bloom Room has something different to offer every day of the week. On Wednesdays, customers enjoy 15% off pre-rolled joints, and on Fridays, concentrates are discounted by 20%.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get caught paying too much for weed – there are tons of options to help you save money! Whether you shop online for delivery or buy your products in-store, be sure to check for special deals, reduced pricing, and other ways to save whenever you buy. By shopping brands that make an effort to offer affordable pricing, you can enjoy top-quality products without paying the top price.

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