Best CBD Oil for Pain: Top 3 Brands for 2020

People who claim CBD isn’t working are probably using one of the many low-quality CBD brands selling products that contain little to no active CBD in them at all. 

It’s important for people to look for reputable CBD brands that offer independent testing on their products to prove the CBD content is exactly what they advertise. 

High-quality CBD oils can go a long way in supporting pain and inflammation. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best CBD brands we’ve seen so far for fighting pain, inflammation, and much more. 

Best CBD Oil For Pain

Product Details:

Potency250mg – 2500 mg
Available FlavorsNatural, Berry, Mint, Vanilla
CBD per serving8.5 – 85 mg/mL

What We Like About Royal CBD

Royal CBD is a California-based company with an excellent range of full-spectrum CBD oils — starting at 250 mg of CBD per bottle and increasing all the way up to 2500 mg. The company’s most popular oil is the 1000 mg CBD oil

This oil has been awarded among the top-rated CBD oils on several popular publications in the hemp industry — including Weed News and We Be High

Royal CBD places a greater emphasis on quality over quantity. The founders started the company because they were tired of all the poorly made CBD products flooding the market. To combat this, the duo established rigid quality control measurements to keep the products made in Royal CBD facilities at the highest level possible.

You can tell this oil is above average from the taste. Full-spectrum hemp extracts should contain a rich supply of terpenes, polyphenols, and cannabinoids — many of which have a flavor of their own. The terpenes can give the oil a rich pine, citrus, or hops flavor. 

Poor-quality hemp products usually lack this complex flavor profile because these helpful terpenes have become damaged during improper storage, exposure to high heat or harsh chemicals, or simply weren’t there in the first place due to low-quality hemp. 

This rich terpene content is one of the main reasons why Royal CBD is so helpful for reducing pain. Many of the terpenes included in the oil have their own set of pain-killing benefits — which are useful for boosting the effects of CBD. 

• Contains the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the hemp plant
• High value for your money
• Comes in multiple different strength options
• Lacks other herbal ingredients to boost the effects of CBD for pain
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Product Details:

Potency250mg – 2500 mg
Available FlavorsUnflavored
CBD per serving8.5 – 85 mg/mL

What We Like About Gold Bee

Gold Bee is a newer company to enter the CBD market. The company first started at the beginning of 2019, only selling within local shops in the state of Delaware. 

After winning several awards locally, the company has started to branch out and increase its production to keep up with demand. A lot of their customers are using Gold Bee oils to manage chronic pain, inflammation, as well as mood disorders and anxiety. 

This company specializes in making small-batch, full-spectrum hemp extracts for the American market. Keeping bath sizes small ensures the quality of the oil they produce is as high as possible. 

We highly recommend giving this trendy CBD brand a try — but be warned, there may be a waiting list to order this oil as the company demand for these oils increases faster than the company can expand operations. 

• Small batch sizes keep the quality of this oil very high
• Third-party tested in independent labs
• Available in multiple strength options
• Small production batches and limited product runs mean you may have to join a waiting list to get access to these oils

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Product Details:

Potency125mg – 4000 mg
Available FlavorsUnflavored
CBD per serving4.2 – 133 mg/mL

What We Like About Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs have been around for several years now — making them a veteran in the cannabis space. This oil is one of the top-rated CBD oils listed in the parenting authority, 

This company specializes in making broad-spectrum and isolate-based CBD oils for the international market. Their sheer size of operation allows the company to keep the cost of each oil relatively low. 

Hemp Bombs CBD oils come in all different sizes and potency options, but we recommend the 1000 mg bottle or above when it comes to supporting pain. This is because, for most people, higher doses of the oil are necessary to get the desired level of effects. The higher-potency bottles offer better value for your money and last substantially longer when you’re using the oil on a daily basis to manage your symptoms. 

• Broad-spectrum CBD oil (THC-free)
• Third-party tested in independent labs
• Available in potencies up to 4000 mg per bottle (1 oz)
• The source of hemp used to make these oils isn’t well-defined
• The terpene profile of these oils are below average

Summary: What’s The Best CBD Oil For Pain?

There’s been a lot of research over the past few years on the use of CBD oil for supporting patients with chronic pain and inflammation. However, with so many poor-quality oils on the market, it’s also common to find people claiming the supplement doesn’t work. 

It’s very important that you find an oil that doesn’t lie about the CBD content contained inside the bottle if you want it to be effective. You need to use CBD oils that have relatively high levels of the active ingredients for it to work — it’s simple as that. 

We recommend you do your research before you buy a CBD oil by reading through reviews like this, as well as other customer reviews online. To save yourself some time in the search we recommend you check out the CBD oils offered by well-known CBD manufacturers like Royal CBD, Gold Bee, and Hemp Bombs.
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