Best CBD Oils to Help You Sleep

Approximately fifty to seventy million Americans suffer from sleep related issues. This can be due to hectic lifestyles, stress, lack of awareness of the impact of sleep loss etc. Recent studies have highlighted CBD oil as an effective, natural reliever that can address this problem.

CBD oil is extracted from marijuana and is known as a phytocannabinoid,” which means it belongs to a category of molecules that interact with endocannabinoid receptors in the human body.

These receptors constitute part of the body’s endocannabinoid system- which are primarily responsible for the body’s homeostatic functions.

These receptors have reflected exerting an impact on factors such as anxiety, depression, moods, appetite and even pain.

If your body is not able to produce enough of these said receptors, then your system may not function properly. What CBD oil does is interact with this network of receptors, chemicals and other proteins in your brain to create the intended impact on you.

CBD oil’s soothing effects is said to increase one’s sleep volume, diminish sleeping dilemmas, cut down on insomnia and ameliorate the overall quality of one’s sleep.

Sleep is perceived as being composed of several cycles with multiple phases. Researchers strongly believe that CBD oil positively affects the third cycle of sleep, which is considered the “deep sleep” phase.

It is also known to impact the timing of REM sleep, which is known as the dream phase. By deducting this particular stage of sleep, people dream less and have a deeper sleep. This reduces depression and improves overall alertness by allowing the mind and body to get proper rest.

Know Your CBD Oil

It is essential that if you are considering the application of CBD oil to help you sleep, then you must be able to identify which brands are credible and which are not.

The first thing you must comprehend is that CBD oil can be made from both marijuana and hemp.

The primary discrepancy is that pharmacies or regulated marijuana stores sell CBD oil derived from cannabis strains in states where its consumption is permitted.

Hemp CBD oil is sold in both normal stores and online ones as it is extracted from legal industrial hemp.

So, how do you select a great quality CBD oil?

a. Process of extraction: the best method is CO2 extraction. Always check the brand you’re considering for the way it was derived and avoid it if it was done using butane.

b. Price of CBD oil product: If it is a relatively low cost, then the hemp used is most likely low grade. It can easily contain toxins from the soil and you definitely want to avoid those. Higher prices imply that more expensive techniques have been used to maintain the standard quality of CBD oil.

c. Lab testing: a third party lab should have tested the CBD oil’s quality and integrity. Usually, such labs post official reports stating their findings. This is extremely critical!

d. CBD content substantiated: check your CBD oil brand for a lab verified certificate. The ones being sold online are often fake and you should not rely on them for credibility.

Please note that CBD oils have not been proven scientifically to improve sleep, pain or anxiety patterns. However, there are countless testimonials praising its positive effects.

Best CBD Oil for Sleep & Insomnia

We have concluded this test with the help of researchers at Greenthevoteok and, these brands have been voted the best among the tested ones.

#1 Fab CBD Oil

This brilliant product is globally renowned for leaving you with sensations of tranquillity. It holds a rich variety in its product line from CBD vape products for humans to CBD products for dogs.

The manufacturer is extremely open in answering the four questions outlined above and have published lab test results on their own website.

It is a reasonably priced. Of course, the price varies on the degree of CBD oil you go for. Their consumers have stated that its effective and doesn’t take long to kick in.

#2 cbdMD

cbdMD is a pioneer in the CBD oil industry and has created industrial benchmarks for several other companies to follow and meet in its last 2 years of existence.

Constantly featured on popular websites and news channels, cbdMD sell a rich scope of oils, balms and tinctures.

They also have capsules of 450mg on offering on sale for those that are comfortable taking CBD oil in oral form.

Their extraction process is exemplary and do tend to exist on the higher end of the price spectrum. Given its high quality, it is deemed truly worth it! To buy you can find cbdMD discount online, which will get you $20 off on your order.

#3 Medterra CBD

Medterra is sold in all fifty states and utilised in food items as nutritious additives.

With the producer using the CO2 extraction process, its CBD oil is of premium quality and is free of solvents, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, herbicides and such. And the best part?

Their brands have been tested by third party labs to verify their CBD content. Customers have rated it top notch for improving sleep patterns, alleviating pain and anxiety as well as stress. It is competitively priced and comes with varying degrees of CBD oil potency.

You can choose as per your requirements! You can buy using Medterra Coupon code, you will get 15% off on your cart with that.


CBD oil is an alternative to conventional medical treatments that is gaining traction.

However, as with all treatments, its usage should be discussed beforehand with qualified medical personnel. Remember that it is not a scientifically proven solution but has been quoted to solve or alleviate the mentioned issues. Best of luck with your CBD oil hunt!

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